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Open letter to Michael Gove – Save Friar Gate Cycle LaneS!

DCG have written an open letter to Michael Gove and a number of his government colleagues asking that they reject the part of Derby City Council’s clean air outline business case, which plans to remove cycle lanes from Friar Gate.

Media Coverage of Stripping away our safety protest

Great media coverage for the protest on Friargate objecting to Derby City Council’s ridiculous approach to improving air quality by removing cycling infrastructure. Derby Telegraph gave some publicity for the event the day before and then reported on the actual event a week or so later – see here (and ignore the normal moronic comments…
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Keep the Friar Gate Cycle Lane

The safety of vulnerable road users must be paramount This cycle/bus/taxi lane on Friar Gate is to be removed by Derby City Council and turned into a second, faster, lane for cars and lorries as part of their Air Quality Preferred Option. These changes will increase the risk to cyclists using this route into Derby…
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Stripping away our Safety

Derby City Council are planning on degrading and removing cycling infrastructure on Friargate between Brick St and Bridge St. The plans will see the removal of a bus/ cycle lane to create space for two lanes of cars. The plans will increase the number of cars, increase pollution and increase the danger to road cyclists.…
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Submit video footage to the Police

Derbyshire Police are now encouraging people to submit dash cam or other video footage of road traffic offences for them to review and process as appropriate (warning, prosecution, etc.). More details here It’s good see in the police information that “It’s vital to remember that the vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and…
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Derby Clean Air Proposals – Where is the Cycling and Walking?

Derby’s Clean Air Preferred Option was out for consultation until today. The proposal failed entirely to provide any new infrastructure for cycling which, by enabling more people to cycle, would have helped reduce car travel and improved air quality. But it went further than that. It proposes that two pieces of cycle-specific infrastructure be removed: a permissive…
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New cycling offences: Government plans and consultation

New cycling offences: causing death or serious injury when cycling In August 2018 the Government announced the consultation Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy safety review: proposal for new cycling offences. To address the few high profile incidents of cyclist causing the death of pedestrian, the Government propose to introduce new offences for causing death or…
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Derby Air Quality consultation

Derby City Council in currently in the process of consulting on their proposals to meet their legal requirements for air quality in Derby. The Derby Cycling Group have provided the following response to the consultation. Members are also encouraged to provide their own feedback. We are writing from Derby Cycling Group in response to the…
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Derby telegraph report on DCG support for ebikes

The Derby Telegraph published a recent article quoting Tony Roelich as calling for the Derby ebike hire scheme to be extended beyond the city centre. Find the article here.

St Peters Street and Cornmarket – Cycle Access 5pm to 10am

At Derby Cycling Group we have argued for many years that banning responsible cycling in the city centre suppresses the number of everyday journeys made by bike in Derby, because the north/south route through the city centre is the most direct one to get many people from where they live to where they work, and…
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