Derby Cycleway History

Derby Cycling Group was formed in 1979 and has been involved with various improvements for cycling infrastructure over the years. However, there was cycling provision in Derby before DCG!

Carlton Reid has been researching the history of “lost” cycleways and one of the schemes highlighted is that of Raynesway. Full details can seen at the project’s website.

Back in 1938, Raynesway was opened and included impressive cycling and walking routes on both sides of the road – some of these survive to this day.

The Raynesway history is explored here and more details together with suggestions on how to restore the lost portions of the cycleways can be found here (scroll down a fair way to find the Raynesway details).

The description makes the excellent point (that DCG have been making for many years) that the cycleway crossing of the A52 westbound on-slip road from Raynesway is totally unsatisfactory and dangerous. The report seems to imply that there is an advisory 20mph limit which I never recall seeing – certainly my experience is that most of the traffic is at the legal limit of 50mph.

There are opportunities to while away loads of time exploring the other lost cycleway schemes across the country as well as the Raynesway details.

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