A city where everyone wants to cycle and everyone can

We campaign for a cohesive cycle network in and around Derby and champion cycling to create an environment where it is safe, normal, convenient and fun.

Latest News

  • An Audience with Active Travel England 
    On the evening of 20th November, Simon and I attended the monthly meeting of the Nottingham cycle campaign group, Pedals. The organisers had laid on a speaker in the form of Adrian Hill, the regional manager for the East Midlands for Active Travel England (ATE).  Adrian’s background is in transportation including working in buses in … Read more
  • DCG Investigation Ride No. 4 -Darley Abbey & Allestree
    On 31st August a group of DCG members gathered for our fourth and final evening ride around some of the lesser known routes around the suburbs of Derby. A short ride to ensure we could complete the route in daylight. A background to the investigation rides can be found here: We followed the riverside path … Read more
  • DCG Investigation Ride No. 3 – Spondon & Chaddesden
    A small group of DCG members gathered on Thursday 24 August for another evening ride.On this occasion we were heading east, initially beside the river then along the shared path by the Pentagon Island and onto Chequers Road cycleway. A background to these rides can be found here: 1983 Tribute The outbound route takes in … Read more

Current Campaigns

Derby Road, Spondon plans

The City Council have published plans for the area around Asda in Spondon and the Acorn Way roundabout.

Derby Cycling Group have developed thoughts on the proposals with some proposals being improvements on the current situation but with other proposals that could possibly be done better.

DCG have submitted feedback on the proposals to the Council and are striving to engage with the key Council officers to discuss in more detail.

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Allestree Park Rewilding

The rewilding plans for Allestree Park have the opportunity to make the Park a significant destination for tourists from the local and wider area.

A successful project needs to provide cycle routes to reach the Park from all directions (connected to the wider network) as well as cycling provision within the Park.

We’re discussing the issues and possible solutions with Derby City and Derbyshire County Councils as well as other key stakeholders and influencers.

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Belper Active Travel Masterplan

Derbyshire County Council are developing a masterplan for active travel in Belper (and 2 other towns) and Derby Cycling Group are contributing ideas.

We welcome suggestions from members on how obstacles can be removed and opportunities for improvements can be taken advantage of.

There will be the publication of a draft plan and a public consultation early in 2024.

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Derwent Valley Cycleway

While the Derwent Valley Trust is leading on the creation of the Derwent Valley Cycleway running along the length of the River Derwent, Derby Cycling Group is very supportive of the plans.

The route is to be created in sections with the section between Darley Abbey and the A38 the subject of planning applications.

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Cycle Hangars in Derby

On street cycle parking is a common sight in other cities across the UK and provides a secure storage facility for those without suitable indoor storage. Particularly popular in areas with lots of terraced houses.

The campaign is to gain a trial of the concept at a suitable location within the Derby City area.

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Riverside Path

There are longstanding problems with maintenance of the non-tarmac sections of the Riverside Path and we’ve had ongoing discussions with Derby City Council over many years.

We’ve regularly asked for a longer term improvement and maintenance solution to be put in place by the City Council for the whole of the non tarmac part of the path. In 2023 the problems are being addressed and a new tarmac surfacing is being installed over 2023-24. Excellent news!

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Recent Campaigns

Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP)

The Government has asked each Council across the country to create a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) which shows what the Council wish to achieve relating to Active Travel for the next 15 years.

Derby Cycling Group have been involved in the creation of the draft LCWIP over the last 4 years although not to the extent we would like. A public consultation on the final plan is now live (ends on 8th March) and we’ve submitted a response on behalf of the Group and our members.

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Air Quality

Derby City Council have addressed air quality issues by removing cycle facilities. We’ve been campaigning against this locally and nationally.

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Parked cars obstructing the cycle lane

Duffield Road cycle lane and car parking

Anyone attempting to use the on road cycle lane northbound on Duffield Road outside St. Benedict’s school in Darley Abbey will struggle to do so during the afternoon as numerous cars park up (on the double yellow lines!) and wait to collect and drive home their children.

Derby Cycling Group continues to press the Council for some action to ensure that the cycle lane is usable at school closing time.

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Active Travel Map

During 2020, Cycle Derby worked on developing a new version of the Active Travel map and collected input from various sources including Members of Derby Cycling Group.

The collected information has been used by Derby Cycling Group to create and maintain an online version of the printed map (different in some aspects).

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A38 Junctions

The planned work to replace the A38 roundabouts with flyovers will cause massive congestion for the 3 years of development. We’ve been talking with National Highways and others about how to ensure good quality cycle facilities in the finished project and also how best to encourage people to cycle during the years of traffic congestion.

After some delays due to legal issues we are expecting the work to resume soon.

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Informational and Background Papers

Various documents that have been created by members and which may form the basis of a future campaign. If there is a topic area you are particularly interested in then please contact the author.

Cycle Parking

Discussion on what is needed for successful cycle parking

Parking Document

Active Travel England

Background information on the new organisation

On Street Cycle Parking

Review of “cycle hangers” offering secure on street cycle parking in space of a car parking slot

More Details

Cycle Lane Review

Investigates the benefits and risks of cycle lanes in the UK and proposes an alternative strategy. The document predates the revision of the Highway Code and publication of LTN 1/20, Cycle Infrastructure Design which are also concerned with cycle lanes.

Cycle Lanes

Useful Information

Our Team

We are run by a team of friendly volunteers and are always looking for more people to get involved…

Contact one of the team with specific responsibilities as listed below. If unclear who is the best person then send email to info@derbycyclinggroup.org.uk

Ken Timmis


A dedicated cyclist, Ken uses a bicycle for most trips; commuting, leisure, touring, shopping: including riding through 13 European countries on his Brompton. 

Having experienced how good cycling can be he now promotes cycling and advocates for better infrastructure, how difficult can that be? 

He is actively involved with several local cycle charities including Sustrans and LifeCycle. 

James Bailey


James has lived in Derby for over 15 years and he’s dabbled in all sorts of cycling from mountain biking to touring and utility cycling to cyclo cross racing.

He is a civil engineer and works in railway track design but likes to apply his alignment design knowledge to cycleway design.

Jean Baird

Committee & Newsletter

Martin Aldred

Committee Member, Projects, Station & Flood Works

Ian Dent

Committee & Webmaster

Ian is a regular cyclist and long term member of the DCG, and  actively involved since about 2009.

Over the years Ian has acted as  membership secretary, treasurer, newsletter editor and webmaster.

Ian is also involved locally with the Sustrans Rangers, the Derwent Valley Cycleway project and Cycling UK (CTC).

Simon Paul

Committee Member

A cycling enthusiast. Simon is quite new to Derby only having lived here for a couple of years. He’s done all sorts of cycling from Road Racing to bmx and uses the bicycle everyday for utility cycling. He also contributes to critical mass cycling events, the nearest being Derby Critical Mass.

He is a forklift driver in his day job but his true passion lies in cycling and environmentalism.

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