Derby Cycling Group campaigns on behalf of all cyclists

Campaigning for cycle provision in Derby since 1979

Current Campaigns

Allestree Park Rewilding

The rewilding plans for Allestree Park being pursued by Derby City Council and the Derbyshire WIldlife Trust have the opportunity to make the Park a significant destination for tourists from the local and wider area.

A successful project needs to provide cycle routes to reach the Park from all directions (connected to the wider network) as well as cycling provision within the Park.

We’re discussing the issues and possible solutions with both Derby City and Derbyshire County Councils.

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Duffield Road cycle lane and car parking

Anyone attempting to use the on road cycle lane northbound on Duffield Road outside St. Benedict’s school in Darley Abbey will struggle to do so during the afternoon as numerous cars park up (on the double yellow lines!) and wait to collect and drive home their children.

Derby Cycling Group continues to press the Council for some action to ensure that the cycle lane is usable at school closing time.

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A38 Junctions

The planned work to replace the A38 roundabouts with flyovers will cause massive congestion for the 3 years of development. We’ve been talking with National Highways and others about how to ensure good quality cycle facilities in the finished project and also how best to encourage people to cycle during the years of traffic congestion.

After some delays due to legal issues we are expecting the work to resume in late 2022.

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Reallocating Road Space in Response to COVID-19

The behavioural changes forced on people by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and travel rules have drastically changed the demand for how the roads should be used in the near and longer term future.

Cycling and walking are likely to be much more popular forms of transport as lockdown restrictions are eased. It is important that changes are made to road space usage to allow for the increased demand from cyclists and walkers to be adequately provided for and encouraged.

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A city where everyone wants to cycle and everyone can

We campaign for a cohesive cycle network in and around Derby and champion cycling to create an environment where it is safe, normal, convenient and fun.

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Recent Campaigns

Riverside Path

There are longstanding problems with maintenance of the non-tarmac sections of the Riverside Path and we’ve had ongoing discussions with Derby City Council over many years.

The 2019-20 winter floods meant that portions of the path were destroyed. After discussions with the landowner for the worst affected section (Goodman) some basic repairs have been done (November 2020) to remove the dangerous sections. This restored those sections to the level of the rest of the path (generally poor on the non tarmac) but floods in January 2021 undid al the work. Goodman have now repaired some of the path again after the 2021 winter flood but have again used loose stone which will be swept away when next flooded.

We’ve regularly asked for a longer term improvement and maintenance solution to be put in place by the City Council for the whole of the non tarmac part of the path. However, Derby City Council have taken no action over many years despite the problems and despite discussions.

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Borrowash Basin Birthday Party

After waiting a year for a dangerous hole on a cycle route in Borrowash to be fixed by the local developers (Taylor Wimpey), a small group of DCG members decided to commemorate the anniversary by holding a birthday party for the hole.

After some local and national press coverage, the hole was co-incidently fixed within a few days.

Air Quality

Derby City Council have addressed air quality issues by removing cycle facilities. We’ve been campaigning against this locally and nationally.

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Archived campaigns

2020 International Womens Day

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Derby City Ambitions

The City Council is asking for feedback on their Ambitions for the City Centre to help them define what should be in the Vision document that they are working on.[…]

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Darley Abbey Bridge

We’re pleased to hear that the City Council are acting quickly to restore the cycle and pedestrian access across the Darley Abbey Bridge that was suddenly closed due to unexpected[…]

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Neither Derby nor Derbyshire secure any Active Travel Funding from the DfT

The Department for Transport (DfT) asked local authorities to bid for monies put aside for Active Travel. Bids were invited that showed ambitious plans to improve cycling and walking. After[…]

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