Breadsall Greenway closure

After some damage during the recent floods, part of the Breadsall Greenway (NCN 672) has been closed for health and safety reasons between the junction at Brookside Road / Lime Lane and where the Greenway crosses the Windmill bridleway. The floods have also damaged the bridleway and that is closed between the Greenway and Brookside Road.

There are no official diversions but there are two on road routes that could be used – either Hill Top (Mansfield Road) to the Windmill pub and then down the Windmill bridleway or Brookside Road into Breadsall village and then to rejoin the Greenway at Breadsall station.

Fixing the problems are likely to take a while. After the first floods of the winter the gouged out sections were quickly repaired but the recent floods have removed all the fixed surface and caused even more damage. Repair with a sealed surface (e.g. tarmac or similar) is likely to be needed for the steeper sections.

There are rumours that the closure could be until June 2024 but I’ve not seem anything official.

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