Darley Abbey COVID emergency scheme survives but is downgraded

Darley Abbey COVID emergency scheme survives but is downgraded

During the first phase of the COVID emergency, Councils across the country were encouraged to put schemes in place to help with encouraging more walking and cycling. Derby City were awarded funds to implement various schemes including one in Darley Abbey where the junction between Church Lane and Duffield Road was made one way except for buses and cycles. This was then enforced by installation of a camera to catch any motorists flaunting the restriction by turning into Church Lane from Duffield Road. More information on the scheme as originally implemented can be seen here.

The scheme generated a lot of feedback to the City Council (both positive and negative) with the major objection being the need for some motorists to travel further than they would have done without the restriction (actually, in the worst case, an additional 4 minutes according to Google!).

The Council have reflected on the scheme and the feedback and have decided to downgrade the arrangements. From now on, for a period of 18 months, the restriction on entry into Church Lane from Duffield Road (cyclists and buses only) will only apply for the period of 7am-9am on Monday to Friday. The Traffic Regulation Order can be seen here.

Whilst it is positive that at least some accommodation to support cyclists has been retained, it is very disappointing that this will only apply during the weekday morning peak period and that any cyclists using the route of Church Lane after this time will continue to be at the mercy of motorists on the narrow road (who generally exceed the 20mph speed limit).

The Council will continue to collect feedback over the 18 month trial period and may retain the current arrangements after this time. Anyone feeling strongly about the scheme is encouraged to provide feedback to the Council (see the TRO link above for contact details).

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