Derby Cycleway History

Derby Cycling Group was formed in 1979 and has been involved with various improvements for cycling infrastructure over the years. However, there was cycling provision in Derby before DCG! Carlton Reid has been researching the history of “lost” cycleways and one of the schemes highlighted is that of Raynesway. Full details can seen at the… Continue reading Derby Cycleway History

On Yer Bike – Belper

An interesting event is planned for the afternoon of Saturday 16th March 2024 in Belper. Members may be interesting in attending. Derby Cycling Group will be at the event with plans to further explore the Belper Active Travel Plan and the Allestree Park rewilding ideas as well as any other topics visitors may wish to… Continue reading On Yer Bike – Belper

Breadsall Greenway closure

After some damage during the recent floods, part of the Breadsall Greenway (NCN 672) has been closed for health and safety reasons between the junction at Brookside Road / Lime Lane and where the Greenway crosses the Windmill bridleway. The floods have also damaged the bridleway and that is closed between the Greenway and Brookside… Continue reading Breadsall Greenway closure

School Safe Haven expansion

After success with previous school safe haven hubs (school streets) around the City, the Council have obtained funding to extend this initiative to 4 more schools and are asking for feedback (Deadline 8th October 2023). School Safe Havens are where one or more roads surrounding a school temporarily become pedestrian and cycle only at the… Continue reading School Safe Haven expansion

Breadsall Greenway improvements

Part of the Breadsall Greenway (NCN 672), on the “new” section between Brookside Road and Lime Lane, has suffered from water damage for a number of years. This has previously been patched up by the Derbyshire County Council Countryside Service but I’m pleased to report that the problem has now had a permanent fix applied… Continue reading Breadsall Greenway improvements

Feedback now on the Allestree Park Urban Rewilding project

The, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust led, consultation process for deciding on what should be part of the Allestree Park urban rewilding project continues and it is important that anyone who would like to make use of the Park in the future ensure that they submit their preferences. In particular, as Derby Cycling Group, we’re keen that… Continue reading Feedback now on the Allestree Park Urban Rewilding project

Allestree Park plans

There is currently an opportunity to give your views on how the plans for rewilding Allestree Park need to incorporate safe and high quality ways to walk, cycle and use public transport to reach the Park from all directions. We’ve been in discussions with the local Councils and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust to consider cycle routes… Continue reading Allestree Park plans

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