National Cycle Route 54 by Derby Silk Mill reopens

National Cycle Route 54 by Derby Silk Mill reopens

After a very long closure (2+ years) the riverside route linking the path under St Mary’s Bridge to Cathedral Green has now been reopened. Purely by chance, I think I was the first cyclist to attempt to follow the route. But stopping to take a photo means someone else overtook me and they were first to complete it!

The workman removing the barriers tells me that some repairs to brickwork surface are still planned to be done so there might be occasional temporary closures but the intention is that the route is now open again.

The Silk Mill (now the Museum of Making) is due to reopen on Friday 21st May and the workman was also keen to invite me to attend the re-opening (he says free tea is available!). Details on the reopening are here. No guarantees from me that there are any free refreshments.

You’ll note from the photo that the previous problem of getting around the fire escape steps has been greatly improved by removing the steps. This should make the route much safer as the brickwork in the wet wasn’t great for slaloming.

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