Derbyshire Council Plans – have your say

Derbyshire Council Plans – have your say

Derbyshire County Council have produced a plan of how they’ll work and what they’ll focus on over the next 4 years (to 2025).

Disappointingly, there is no mention of a focus on delivering a widely spread, high quality cycle network. In fact, despite a lot of detail on road schemes that are planned, there is no mention of any cycling focus.

The Council is currently (until 29th January) asking for feedback on their plans. Anyone feeling strongly can visit this link to provide their comments. All are welcome to comment although I would think that comments from Derbyshire residents will carry more weight.

Obviously use your own words to express your views but I’d suggest mentioning the lack of any deliverable relating to the Derbyshire Cycling Plan (and its goal of making Derbyshire the most connected and integrated county for cycling) or any cycling infrastructure.

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