Millennium Mileposts around Derby

Millennium Mileposts around Derby

Pat Wilson working on the Mickleover Station milepost – courtesy of Les Sims

(Picture shows Pat working on the milepost at Mickleover Station – courtesy of Les Sims)

You’ll have seen a number of the Millennium Mileposts located on the National Cycle Network around Derby and may have been astounded by the detail of the paint jobs on some of the posts.

The painting was the handiwork of Pat Wilson who sadly passed away recently. Pat lived in the Stoke area and made regular trips around the country to work on the mileposts, often sleeping overnight in her car so she could complete the job the following day.

You may know of other mileposts painted by Pat but some outstanding examples are at:

  • Darley Fields
  • Alvaston Park
  • Ashbourne
  • Mickleover Station

(Ashbourne, Darley Fields and Alvaston Park)

The mileposts are part of a nationwide network and contain a lot of information including a puzzle that requires the solver to find all the different kinds of mileposts. Some further information can be found here. Derby Cycling Group member and local Sustrans Ranger, Clyde Hinton has a good knowledge of the mileposts for those who wish to explore further.

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