Your suggestions for emergency road changes

Derby Cycling Group and others have been in discussion with Derby City Council about the urgent need for the Council to implement road changes to cope with, and support, the massive increase in walking and cycling arising from the COVID pandemic.

The Government is very keen for Councils to implement changes quickly (“within weeks”) and have awarded Derby City just over £1million to help with the costs of implementation.

The discussions have raised some possible projects but have mainly been about the general type of things that could be done. It is now important for the Council to identify a list of specific projects and their benefits for quick implementation (a number of weeks have already passed so the deadline is now, surely, a matter of days)

To help the Council, all members are encouraged to add the details of their specific project to the map here. This can then be used to draw up a priority list and to direct discussions with the Council. You are also encouraged to upvote those projects already on the map that you agree with.

Note that a lot of the areas around Derby are actually the responsibility of Derbyshire County Council and we’re trying to get the two Councils (Derby and Derbyshire) to work together to provide mutually beneficial schemes. Add your ideas to the map even if they fall outside the strict Derby City Council area.

More information on what the Council is being asked to do and Derby Cycling Group’s views can be found here.