What Legacy follows the COVID Times?

In these COVID times, many of us are cooped at home; still healthy and working if we are lucky, but inactive and sedentary. My home-working “office” looks out over a busy road – except it is very quiet these days. There are as many people taking exercise as there are cars: walking, jogging, cycling. There are a lot of people cycling
Many in couples from the same household
Many with children
A pattern of people which I wouldn’t normally see in these numbers.

It makes me wonder how much influence the reduced volume of traffic is having on getting some of these people out on their bikes.

I do think that some people are taking advantage of the quiet roads and I hope that the people who do start to ride for exercise during lockdown, then carry on when life gets back to “normal”. It may be a bad time but it does create time to reflect and think about doing things differently in the future.

When COVID-19 has gone away, we will still have polluted air and climate changing factors in our lives to deal with. Can we be more active as we travel and thereby also reduce our carbon footprint at the same time? If there is any positive legacy from Coronavirus, I hope part of it is more people enjoying the pleasures and freedoms of riding their bikes, more often, just to get somewhere.