Riverside Path Widening

Derby City Council have submitted a planning application to widen the existing Riverside path between Bass recreation ground and Alvaston Park to 5 metres.

For full details visit https://eplanning.derby.gov.uk/online-applications/ and search for planning number 19/00046/FUL

3 Responses

  1. T butcher says:

    Ok but please don’t make it one half cyclists one half pedestrians as nobody sticks to it and it’ll create accidents

  2. lee blurton says:

    Fantastic idea it can get over crowded at times with walkers joggers and cycling. There are also a few bad spots that need attention. Like under the bridge at the roundhouse college railway bridge is a very dangerous drop out of path. Be great to see it all wider

  3. Douglas Flack says:

    The money would be far better spent providing facilities in other parts of Derby, particularly providing branches from the path to other districts; one to the Royal hospital for instance.
    My experience on the widened Alvaston stretch is that pedestrians spread out more and cyclists go faster. It does not solve bad behaviour.
    A secure bike park at the bus station is needed.

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