Darley Park All user path – work starts!

Great news from Derby City Council that their contractors have started work on constructing the All User Path in Darley Park on Monday 10th June.

Information on the works here.

The work is planned to start from the southern end near the Rowing Club and then proceed northwards with a planned completion date of early Autumn 2019.

2 Responses

  1. PeterWhite says:

    Well done Derby City Council !!
    Let’s hope this sets a precedent for similar actions further north by Highways England and Derbyshire County Council.

  2. Andrew Hunter says:

    This is great news. I do hope Derby City Council also build in ongoing maintenance of the path. The shared path on Infinity Parkway in the south of Derby has not been cleaned since it opened. With the adjacent road being subject to heavy industrial traffic, the path is littered with debris from the usual car window trash, to spilt gravel, cables and plenty of glass. I have tried, unsuccessfully to get a Street Care clean up job done, but that’s not the point – it needs to be considered as planned maintenance from the start. Moan over! 5/10 DCC.

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