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Derby City Council needs to be more vigorous and rigorous about developing a better cycling network which encourages more people to cycle more often. Derby city councillors are pivotal in enabling that vigour and rigour.

Derby Cycling Group have had enough of city council departments and new projects failing to deliver even the most basic facilities for cyclists. Our Space for Cycling campaign wants to get Derby City Councillors to recognise:

  • The benefits that cycling can bring to Derby and its citizens
  • That much more must be done to make cycling a really attractive means of transport for everyone in the city
  • To create policies that will deliver a cycle network worthy of the name
  • To get the city council to deliver real changes to enable more people to cycle more often and more safely

Derby Cycling Group want better facilities for cyclists – MORE SPACE FOR CYCLING.

How can that be done?

  • Get political support for a better cycle transport environment
  • Create a cycle transport strategy for Derby
  • Build the network
  • Promote cycle transport

We want the Council to use the six Space for Cycling themes to determine what will be done to make cycle transport more attractive in Derby:

  1. Protected space on main roads
  2. Removing through motor traffic in residential areas
  3. Lower traffic speeds
  4. Cycle-friendly town centres
  5. Safe routes to school
  6. Routes through green spaces

Derby Cycling Group is asking all city councillors to sign our Space for Cycling Pledge: “I support the aims of the Space for Cycling Campaign in Derby and will promote them in my ward and throughout the City Council”

We are asking you to support these aims by signing the petition: “We the undersigned urge all Derby City Councillors to sign Derby Cycling Group’s Space for Cycling Pledge, to enable the creation of a better cycle transport environment in Derby.

Derby Space for Cycling Campaign

We urge all Derby City Councillors to sign Derby Cycling Group’s Space for Cycling Pledge, to enable the creation of a better cycle transport environment in Derby.

**your signature**

580 signatures = 58% of goal

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Latest Signatures
580 Mr Adam R.
579 Mr Richard B.
578 Mr Roy G.
577 Ian B. Good for the health of the elderly
576 Kerry T. Motorists don't particularly like cyclists, and even after doing it a while I don't particularly like cycling alongside motorists. It would be great to see some investment for cycling along the main roads in derby, so that we can all get around easily and safely without getting angry glares! Will reduce pollution & encourage more people to get fit and cycle!
575 Amy S. I was brought up in Duffield, and so never got the chance to cycle long distances as a child, unless it involved a long car journey to get somewhere safe. I now live in Cardiff and cycle along the Taff Trail every day. Support the Derwent Valley cycle route and people will come and use it, and spend money!
574 Jonathan S.
573 James B.
572 James R.
571 Jason M.
570 samety c.
569 Tom V.
568 Fiona E.
567 Krishan B. Would welcome a cycle route alongside the A52 from Notts to Derby
566 Chris L.
565 Kristian R. I work and cycle in Derby and find provision for cyclists is erratic at best, inadequate and hazardous at worst.
564 Lee P.
563 Elwyn S.
562 Craig M.

2 thoughts on “Support the Space for Cycling petition”

  1. Those 6 points make sense but I don’t hold out much hope when I see what money has been squandered on in the past – eg Route 66, Park Bikeworks, direction signs using minutes as a measure of distance ! etc I think real cycling infrastructure just costs money and they don’t have it – though even if they did I wouldn’t trust them to spend it. At the very least though they could stop designing junctions such as the 5 lamps onto St Alkmunds Way which are deathtraps for novice cyclists.

    1. Thank you, Tom. Comments such as yours help us explain to councillors what is important to local voters. Would you like to use the “Suggest Projects” tab,at the top right of this website, to describe why the 5 Lamps Junction is dangerous and suggest how it could be improved for cyclists.

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