Road Safety Improvements at Littleover

PH2 PH1For many years, Pastures Hill at Littleover has been a dangerous place for cyclists, having a series of bollards along the centre of the road coupled with a 40 mph speed limit.  The bollards were pinch points where cyclists were put in danger by impatient car drivers overtaking them at the bollards.

To their credit Derby City Council have made a major contribution to Road Safety by removing the bollards, which has given greater road width. The increased road width has allowed the introduction of a 1 m wide cycle lane on the West side of the road and the speed limit is reduced from 40 mph to 30 mph.

We should see more cyclists using this road from now on.

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  1. Great improvement; will especially help slower cyclists going up hill and give space for cyclists to filter more safely during the rush hours heading towards Littleover. I expect this will enable more people to decide to cycle along this route.

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