Some Derby emergency COVID measures in place

Some Derby emergency COVID measures in place

In response to the Government’s offer of funds to enable emergency road measures to support the greater numbers of people wanting to cycle and walk due to the pandemic, some of the agreed schemes have now been implemented.

The funding from the Government was in two initial phases with Derby applying for funds from tranche 1 and being allocated more money than requested as the schemes were deemed to be particularly good. The money has been received and the schemes have to be implemented very quickly (weeks and not months).

Proposals for tranche 2 should now have been submitted to the Government who will decide on the allocation of funds and will expect any schemes to be implemented by April 2021.

The initial schemes include:

Corporation Street and Morledge

These roads are now restricted to buses and taxis between 7am and 7pm each day.

Great idea but, when visiting the area on Sunday 9th August there seems to be very few cars abiding by the restrictions. Enforcement is going to be key to making this work.

Note the signage, the car ignoring the signage (one of many), and the police officers passing by on the left.

Albert Street and Victoria Street

These streets were already restricted to buses and taxis but have now also been made one way (from east to west towards Ashbourne Road). On the west to east side of the roads, there is an emergency contraflow cycle lane that has been added.

Note taxis still parking so any traffic will need to use the contraflow lane on right of road to pass.
Some possible problems with the emergency contraflow cycle lane (Sunday afternoon)

Uttoxeter New Road

The existing painted cycle lane on Uttoxeter New Road has been enhanced by the addition of a separator between the cycle lane and the 2 lanes of traffic.

Whilst this does provide a safer environment for cyclists than the original painted lines which a lot of traffic ignore, the opportunity to provide much better infrastructure has been missed by not widening the segregated cycle lane. This would be possible by taking space from one of the 2 lanes of traffic.

Other schemes

Other schemes within tranche 1 of the funding are still planned and the work in Darley Abbey to provide a traffic calmed neighbourhood – basically by restricting through traffic whilst still providing access to all houses and facilities – is enthusiastically anticipated.