Railway Station opening

Railway Station opening

On Thursday April 18th at 6 pm the new forecourt of Derby train station will be openedbaby inflatable bumble bee toys. The new cycle racks will be opened officially at that time too. The Secretary of State for Transport and local MP Patrick Macloughlin will be there as principle guest. Derby Cycling Group would like all our members to try and make it down to the station for that time?????. We want a massive show of cyclists inflatable tents for sale. We want to show that we want significant and continued investment into cycling both into the City of Derby but also nationally. Cycling pays back the money invested into it at least 4 times over. It is a superb use of public moneybungee run for sale. Let us make this case to the Sec of State by being there in large numbers. For more details also look at the facebook page chong qi cheng bao. David Clasby.Australia

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  1. MartinA says:

    The bicycle thieves were out on Friday, adding support for Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection, by targeting the weakest cycle locks. As cyclists learn to use more robust locks let’s hope the thieves are forced to follow the Red Queen hypothesis, adopting bigger and heavier bolt croppers to the point where they are no longer able to make quick getaways.

  2. admin says:

    The police sell off various things they find when going about their duties (e.g. things recovered with burglars, etc.) and you can bid for them at bumblebee auctions.

    The Mansfield police are selling off a number of bolt cutters!! See this link

  3. emma green says:

    What a joke this bike shelter is! To add to the bikes stolen my husbands bike has now been stolen whilst working in the train station! He had a heavy duty chain and lock!

    • Jennifer Schofield says:

      Thank you for making us aware of this problem by posting your comment. This is very sad news. Derby Cycling Group are currently in talks with East Midlands Trains (EMT), British Transport Police (BTP) and Derby City Police to urgently improve bicycle security at Derby Railway Station and around the city. Have you reported the bicycle thefts to either EMT or BTP and if so what was the support you have received? I would like to know more details of the locks used for instance and take the information into the meetings with the Agencies we are working with the deal with cycle crime. It is only by dealing with registered reports and complaints that we can work together to make a difference. I will contact BTP myself tomorrow to find out more about the crime. We are committed to improving cycle security across the city at DCG and I personally will do all I can to improve the situation. I will enquire as to how we can exchange contact details securely and post back to you.

  4. Jennifer Schofield says:

    Hi Emma
    Would it be ok if I emailed you directly to discuss the bicycle thefts?

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