Derbyshire Council Plans – have your say

Derbyshire County Council have produced a plan of how they’ll work and what they’ll focus on over the next 4 years (to 2025). Disappointingly, there is no mention of a focus on delivering a widely spread, high quality cycle network. In fact, despite a lot of detail on road schemes that are planned, there is…
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Derwent Valley Cycleway reaches landmark

The project to build a riverside multi-user path between Haslams Lane in Darley Abbey to Ford Lane in Allestree has now reached the important milestone of applying for planning permission. This project is being delivered by Highways England as part of their “Designated Funds” support for local community projects across the country after a successful…
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Pat Wilson working on the Mickleover Station milepost – courtesy of Les Sims

Millennium Mileposts around Derby

(Picture shows Pat working on the milepost at Mickleover Station – courtesy of Les Sims) You’ll have seen a number of the Millennium Mileposts located on the National Cycle Network around Derby and may have been astounded by the detail of the paint jobs on some of the posts. The painting was the handiwork of…
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Excellent Work by Derby City Council – Darley Abbey

The long anticipated temporary changes to the road layout in Darley Abbey to provide a much better environment for cycling and walking, as a response to the COVID emergency, have now been implemented. The main feature is to stop motor traffic turning into Church Lane from Duffield Road thereby closing off a long-standing rat run.…
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Some Derby emergency COVID measures in place

In response to the Government’s offer of funds to enable emergency road measures to support the greater numbers of people wanting to cycle and walk due to the pandemic, some of the agreed schemes have now been implemented. The funding from the Government was in two initial phases with Derby applying for funds from tranche…
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Free Dr Bike checks and repairs

During July and August you’re invited to consult Dr Bike for health checks (and simple repairs) every Wednesday in Derby. All welcome.

Rapid Cycleway Prioritisation Tools results for Derby

The Rapid Cycleway Prioritisation Tool is being developed by the Institute of Transport Studies at the University of Leeds (ITS Leeds) using the Propensity to Cycle Tool to identify promising locations for new cycleways around the country. This project is supported by the DfT and local authorities are expected to make use of the data…
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Your suggestions for emergency road changes

Derby Cycling Group and others have been in discussion with Derby City Council about the urgent need for the Council to implement road changes to cope with, and support, the massive increase in walking and cycling arising from the COVID pandemic. The Government is very keen for Councils to implement changes quickly (“within weeks”) and…
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What Legacy follows the COVID Times?

In these COVID times, many of us are cooped at home; still healthy and working if we are lucky, but inactive and sedentary. My home-working “office” looks out over a busy road – except it is very quiet these days. There are as many people taking exercise as there are cars: walking, jogging, cycling. There…
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Why we cycle: Jenna Clark, Onimim Jacks & Tomar Beh

What do you do and where are you based? Jenna: I’m home schooled but I would be starting college hopefully this year. I’m based in Derby.  How long have you cycled for? Jenna: That’s a difficult question! Since I was about 9 years old and then I stopped for a while when I turned 11…
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