Derby Road, Spondon – Consultation Update 1

On 19/05/2023, Derby Cycling Group submitted a response to the consultation on improvements to Derby Road in Spondon. The background to the consultation and our formal response can be found here:

In the interim period, DCG has contacted the council highway officer responsible for this scheme. He took on board our comments and dutifully replied. The email is replicated verbatim and shown in italics under respective headings for areas on the proposed route.

In addition, On 19th September, DCG met with the highway officer to further discuss the plans and to get an understanding of the limitations – We will update soon when we’ve had time to download the video of the meeting and summarised the key points.

Acorn Way

The proposals for Derby Road do link to the proposals for Nottingham Road to form a continuous route into Chaddesden. The scheme for Nottingham Road does include the provision of a Toucan crossing across the western arm of the Acorn Way roundabout, which provides a link to existing cycle routes to Oregon Way. There are no proposals to provide a signalised facility across the eastern arm of the roundabout as this would not connect into any existing routes for cycling.


Following your comments I have carried out an initial review of the Toucan crossing on Raynesway, including a review of the layout and traffic capacity modelling. I agree that there may be an opportunity to introduce segregated ‘sparrow’ type crossings, which would allow cyclists to cross both carriageways in a single straight across movement and would be the first crossings of this type in Derby, subject to detailed design approval. I have therefore agreed to ask the designers of the scheme to carry out a detailed design and costing of this option with a view to inclusion in the scheme. This layout could also be replicated at the existing Toucan crossing on Raynesway at the southern end of Aspen Drive, where a refurbishment of the Toucan crossing was proposed. I have attached snapshots below of the indicative layouts for the two ‘sparrow’ crossings for information.

193-183 Derby Road

I do agree that it is unfortunate that the segregated two-way route cannot continue on the section of Derby Road on the frontage of house number 193-183. Unfortunately the impact on the capacity of the roundabout resulting from the loss of a lane for traffic would have a significant impact on delay, including the buses that use this route. As part of the proposals the shared use cycle path will be de-cluttered, including repositioning the telegraph pole that is currently in the middle of the route.

The Bank – Aspen Drive

I understand your concerns regarding the layout of the cycle crossing across Aspen Drive at the junction with Derby Road. It would have been preferable to introduce give-ways for vehicles at this location, however the constraints of the available highway mean that a sufficient set back into the junction greater than a car length cannot be achieved without the acquisition of third party land. Whilst I appreciate that LTN 1/20 does contain a layout for a partial set back the advice is that this arrangement should only be used where traffic volumes and speeds are low and was therefore not felt to be suitable at this location.

Toucan Crossing – Derby Road

The existing Toucan crossing at this location will be refurbished and amended to include a cycle slip off from the eastbound carriageway. This will allow cyclist heading east to use the crossing to join the improved cycle route. The Toucan crossing also allows cyclist to access the track leading across the fields into Spondon. Whilst this track is not an official cycle route is does appear to be used by cyclists to access Spondon and is therefore beneficial.

Floating Bus Stop

I have noted your support for this proposal, which would be the first of this type in the City. The designers will review the geometry during the detailed design and address any issues identified with the highway constraints.

Two-way Cycleway

I have noted your support for the section of two way cycle-way and appreciate your concern regarding the discontinuity arising from the provision of shared use cycle ways on the scheme. The scheme has been designed to maximise the provision of segregated two-way cycleway where possible.

Asda Junction

One of the key objectives for the scheme on this corridor was to manage delay for bus services. A scheme to introduce a segregated facility for cyclists across the junction, in a similar manner to that suggested in your letter, was considered however there is a significant impact on delay and queues for traffic at peak times. Also, the constraints of the available highway width would lead to a compromised alignment or require the acquisition of third party land. There are also some safety concerns as the layout of a ‘hold the left’ junction has only previously been considered or used for one-way cycle routes. The provision of a two-way route could lead to safety concerns for pedestrians. For these reasons the provision of a segregated crossing for cyclists was discounted. I do feel that, whilst not achieving the same standard as segregated crossing, the provision of shared use Toucan crossing facilities is a significant improvement for pedestrians and cyclists compared with the existing situation.

Asda to Spondon Roundabout

During the preliminary design of the scheme it was decided that a shared use section of cycle track would be the most appropriate facility along this section of Nottingham Road. There are several reasons why this was chosen over the provision of a segregated route:
i) The highway constraints would result in a sub-standard width of segregated cycle track without the acquisition of third party land. The provision of reduced width segregated cycle track would also result in a sub-standard alignment of the carriageway.
ii) The route would be constrained to shared use at the interface with the Toucan crossings at the Asda junction and the new Toucan near the A52 roundabout, which would result a very short length of 2-way segregated track and a mixture a standards over a short length.

Toucan Crossing – Spondon Roundabout

I have noted your support for the provision of the controlled crossing at this location. The provision of a parallel crossing at this location was considered but could not be included due to available width in the footway on the northern side of the crossing. The Toucan crossing will be a single phase allowing pedestrians and cyclists to cross in a single movement.

Spondon Roundabout

Thank you for your comments regarding the two options for the current retaining wall. Following discussions on site with local residents and shop owners a decision has been made to keep the retaining wall and existing layout of the service road due to requirement for various vehicle manoeuvres in this area.

Missing Links

Thank you for your comments on potential extensions and improvements that are outside the scope of the proposed scheme. These suggestions have also been made by others who have responded to the consultation. I would agree that these improvements could offer benefits to active travel in the area and will be considered if any opportunity arises to carry out improvements in the future.

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