Belper Active Travel Masterplan

Updated: 30th January 2024

AECOM (an infrastructure consultancy) have been tasked by Derbyshire County Council to create an “Active Travel Masterplan” for 3 towns within the county including Belper (plus Ilkeston and Glossop).

Aecom have confirmed (end Jan 24) that “we’ve been busy working through your comments and observations together with our site audit notes. We are currently liaising with Derbyshire CC with regards to the next stages of engagement (including circulation of the draft Active Travel Masterplan for feedback). We will be in touch soon.”

Derby Cycling Group attended an introductory meeting with Aecom.

The focus of the study is on opportunities for, and barriers to, increased active travel (walking, cycling and scooting) around the town. There is obviously a need for dedicated cycling and walking paths within the town to make significant improvements. However my impression, from the introductory meeting, is that the focus will be on smaller and/or more easily implemented improvements such as the removal or improvement of particularly bad junctions or the addition of useful road crossings, etc.

Various suggestions from DCG members have been collated into an overall feedback document from DCG to the consultants. This has been submitted in early December ’23 for inclusion in the draft report. There will be a chance for all to comment directly on the draft report and provide additional feedback.

Thanks to all members who have submitted their thoughts.

A Tube Map style map assessing the cycling quality of the town was completed in 2017 and most of this is still applicable as not a lot has changed since then!

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