Where to cycle?

With longer days and warmer weather in prospect you will be keen to get out on your bike, but where to go? Check out “Two Wheels and a Camera” for details of local (mainly off-road) rides and also some further afield which are but a short train ride away.  You bike goes for free on… Continue reading Where to cycle?

Watch this video

        Chris Boardman is a great ambassador for cycling, and his video on cycling in the Netherlands shows what can be done for cycling when politicians can be persuaded to see the benefits of making the local infrastructure more suitable for sustainable transport. Click HERE to see it. Sorry about the preceding commercial.

The Monsal Trail

If you haven’t yet discovered the Monsal Trail in the Derbyshire Dales then you have a treat in store. Click HERE to see exactly where it is,  how to get there,  and see a slideshow of what it looks like. “Two Wheels and a Camera” (simssycling.blogspot.co.uk) also shows lots of places for good off-road cycling in Derbyshire and… Continue reading The Monsal Trail

Out on the Towpath

Now that we have some warmer weather and longer hours of daylight in prospect it’s time to get out on our bikes, and to get away from the traffic, the fumes and the noise, what better place than the tranquility of our local canal towpaths. We are lucky to have the Trent and Mersey Canal… Continue reading Out on the Towpath

Park Bikeworks

The new Derby bike hub opened today. Check it out when you are next in the city centre. See photos at Blog. “Two Wheels and a Camera” simssycling.blogspot.co.uk


Since you can now buy a new inner tube in the Pound Shop for (guess what?) ……… £1, is it worth repairing punctured inner tubes any longer?

A New Barrier

At Shelton Lock a new school is being built, and an access road has been constructed crossing the nearby Cycle Path. The photograph was taken on NCN Route 6 between Alvaston and Shelton Lock, looking towards Derby, with the school to the right and Jubilee Road to the left. There is  a man controlling the… Continue reading A New Barrier

The Bike Show 2011

The Bike Show has previously been held in London, but for 2011 moved to the NEC, so worth a visit to see where the future lies for we cyclists. Most of the big names were in attendance but not, surprisingly, Brompton, Cateye, Birdy or Dahon. Lots of inovative designs, many using materials other than the… Continue reading The Bike Show 2011

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