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Cycling Health & Safety: Winning the Arguments seminar

Cyclenation held a seminar on the subject of “Cycling Health & Safety: Winning the Arguments” and have also created a website with various supporting information related to the seminar. This can be found here. Some good background information on negligence, helmets, and the law.

Cyclenation newsletters

Cyclenation is a federation of local cycle campaigning groups and the DCG is a member. They publish a regular newsletter, the latest of which can be seen at

Celebration of 125 years of Raleigh

To celebrate 125 years of Raleigh and innovation The University of Nottingham will be organising a series of free events. Beginning with a series of talks, discussions and films the Bike! season will also include the touring of a new play around the city, and will culminate in an activity packed finale event at The…
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The Times “Cities fit for Cycling” campaign

The Times newspaper is running a campaign to make cities more safe for cycling which the DCG supports. You can find more details on the campaign and ways to join in at this link

Support the Derby Multi Sports Arena including the Velodrome and Closed Road Cycle Circuit

Deadline: Wed 8th February 2012 The new Derby Multi Sports Arena will be next to Pride Park Stadium and will include a 250m indoor Velodrome and a 1.5km closed road circuit; it is absolutely stunning, inside and out and will be a great local and national attraction. see the inside and the outside These facilities…
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Cycling to the Train

We’ve received a video from Alistair Clark who thought other members might be interested in viewing it. You can give yourself a small test of how well you know Derby when viewing it to see if your recognise all the locations! Any other budding film directors are welcome to submit their work. All members can…
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Folding cycles on buses

I regularly take a folded Brompton onto buses in Derby and Nottingham and, until recently, have always found it really easy. However, a couple of recent episodes have caused me problems. These were: I was evicted from the Medilink service (between the 2 hospitals in Nottingham) as the driver said “bikes (folded or not) are…
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Cycle Infrastructure Design

A Department of Transport document exists here which gives a lot of guidance on how cycle facilities should be provided.

Cycling is worth £3billion to the UK economy

A recent report from Sky and British Cycling estimated the contribution of cycling to the UK economy as £3billion. A good statistic to bring up when anyone suggests bikes are just toys. The document can be found here

Cycling on pavements

Video shows what not to do in Derby! Click on this link