School Safe Haven expansion

After success with previous school safe haven hubs (school streets) around the City, the Council have obtained funding to extend this initiative to 4 more schools and are asking for feedback (Deadline 8th October 2023).

  • Bishop Lonsdale primary school, Rykneld Park
  • Hardwick primary school, Normanton
  • Reigate Park primary school, Mackworth
  • St Alban’s primary, Chaddesden

School Safe Havens are where one or more roads surrounding a school temporarily become pedestrian and cycle only at the beginning and end of the school day.

One of the most common comments we hear is how people are unhappy about the traffic levels around schools and how “something needs to be done about it” and we’re pleased to see the Council addressing this problem for at least some schools.

Many issues remain and we’ve campaigned previously about the lack of enforcement of yellow lines at St Benedict’s in Darley Abbey (still to be addressed) but it’s good to see some activity to address the issues elsewhere in the city.

While there are always exceptions (e.g. mobility issues) that may mean not everyone can walk or cycle to school, it is clear that the vast majority of pupils attending a city primary school will live well within walking or cycling distance and there should be very, very little essential motor traffic. Minimal traffic will encourage cycling and walking as the preferred method of reaching school.

Please add your comments to the consultation exercise – encouraging this initiative and asking to Council to continue with the existing schemes and to expand them to yet more schools.

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