Mountain biking in Allestree Park

We’ve been campaigning for the plans for Allestree Park (“the largest urban rewilding project in the country”) to include safe and attractive cycling routes to, and through, the Park and will continue to press for these aims.

A group of local mountain bikers have also been exploring the potential of having a dedicated area of the Park for biking trails on one of the open hills. Their objective is to enable kids and adults to enjoy the exercise and skills of biking which will get them outside enjoying nature and the trails in the Park.

The mountain biking group is completely independent of Derby Cycling Group. This initiative fits into DCG’s vision of “… champion cycling to create an environment where it is … fun” so DCG is, in principle, pleased to offer our support for their plans.

Those members wishing to learn more about the mountain biking plans, and to offer their support, should visit the mountain bikers’ Facebook group. The mountain biking proposals have proven to be controversial with some small, but vocal, groups but have also gathered a lot of support from both those who may make use of the proposed mountain biking trails, and those who see it as a “good thing” to provide facilities for younger Park visitors.

Derby Cycling Group will continue to focus on the need to be able to safely cycle to the Park (from all directions including the north and north-west as well as from Derby) and to be able to cycle to the key attractions within the Park. In practice, this means well made cycle (or shared use) routes connecting to each corner of the Park and to the site of the Hall. These routes are expected to be similar to those provided within Darley Abbey Park and intended for all types of cycles as well as walkers, scooters, disability vehicles, etc. In contrast, the proposed mountain biking trails are intended to be challenging for people on mountain bikes incorporating berms, jumps, drops, rocks, tight turns, etc.

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