Derby Cycling Group Investigation Rides


Best by bike?

Derby Cycling Group has been carrying out a project to assess a select few of Derby’s principal travel corridors for their suitability for active travel.

We reached out to the membership to gather a broad range of views based on experiences for suitable routes to trial. Throughout August, DCG rode four routes and were accompanied by members on a tour of the cycling provision laid out before us.

The routes chosen were from the city centre to the suburbs, which are deemed suitable routes for commuting to work, accessing education, running errands or attending events.

The route selection criteria was fairly loose and the routes can be ones that that people tolerate or routes that people avoid in their entirety but would be used more if the infrastructure was there.

Cycle Map of Derby

The Cycle Map of Derby was used as a basis on which we would assess the quality of provision.

Extract of the Cycle Map of Derby

The routes are colour-coded with recommended route choice which steered our choice of routes.

1983 Plans

Our write-ups of the rides include a review of the routes proposed in Derby Cycling Group’s 1983 proposals for A Network of Cycle routes for Derby. In the 40 years since its publication, we compared what has been built, what hasn’t, what could be used today and whether the route is still relevant today.

In addition we will see how the travel corridors align with the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan and with our very own Derby Cycle Network Quality Map to identify any short comings in the infrastructure.

Our aim is to generate interest, perhaps with local news outlets “Safe cycling provision proposed in 1983 still necessary today” and with Derby City Council. We hope both will give Derby Cycling Group a stronger voice in shaping a strategic network of safe cycle routes. Engagement with our members in the form of group rides to discuss elements is key to achieving this.

We rode four routes every Thursday starting on August 10th. We met outside the QUAD and followed up each ride with a post-ride chat and drinks where we continued discussions on safe cycling infrastructure.

Route Maps and Schedule

The following contains links to the routes we took on our investigation rides.

Mackworth and Mickleover – 10th August 2023

Allestree and Little Eaton Island – 17th August 2023

Spondon, Chaddesden and Cherry Tree Hill – 24th August 2023

Chester Green, Darley Abbey and Allestree – 31st August 2023

Route Reviews

Check out the news section of our website for the write-ups for all four of our investigation rides.

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