Feedback now on the Allestree Park Urban Rewilding project

The, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust led, consultation process for deciding on what should be part of the Allestree Park urban rewilding project continues and it is important that anyone who would like to make use of the Park in the future ensure that they submit their preferences.

In particular, as Derby Cycling Group, we’re keen that the plans encourage cycling as a realistic method for reaching the Park and, once cyclists arrive, that they are welcomed and that there are cycle facilities within the Park.

The original consultation exercise identified better support for cyclists within the Park as a key theme in a significant amount of the feedback and, as the consultation continues, it is important that this message continues to be reinforced.

I’d encourage all supporters to complete the short feedback form online and to specifically state their support that cyclists are able to reach the Park, from all directions, via safe and attractive routes and, once at the Park, can make full use of the attractions in the Park.

You might want to add your own ideas on what you would welcome and which might include:

  • routes around the Park suitable for cycling as a family or for non confident cyclists
  • secure and dry cycle parking facilities
  • cycle routes across the Park so the Park could be used as part of a route between surrounding areas
  • identification of, and solutions to, safety issues for cyclists in the surrounding area – e.g. dangerous crossings, junctions, unwelcoming roads – so that cycling becomes a realistic alternative to motors for traveling to the Park.

More details on our thoughts.

There are suggestions from an independent group for cross country mountain biking trails to be created in a small section of the Park. Further details of the proposals and how to get involved at their Facebook page.

Full details of the consultation process and dates for upcoming face-to-face meetings are at the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust site.

Please provide your feedback now (only a couple of minutes needed) to ensure cycling is properly included in the plans for the Park.

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