Road Safety Questions for the Police

Road Safety Questions for the Police

Update April 2022 – the meeting has now been held and all the questions and the responses from the Police can be found here.

Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner regularly meets with the Chief Constable at a Performance Scrutiny Meeting and puts questions that the public have submitted. The next meeting (March) will be focusing on Road Safety and you may wish to submit a question.

The deadline for submission is the 14th March – visit

All questions and the answers are published after the meeting on the Commissioner’s website – see here

There are many Road Safety issues for the police to address and you may want to consider some of

  • Cycle theft
  • Close passes
  • Speeding enforcement
  • Speed limits (and 20mph zones)
  • Disregard by motorists of restrictions (e.g. bus lanes)
  • Pavement parking
  • ….

when submitting your question.

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