Chequers Road cycle path now complete

Chequers Road cycle path now complete

The new cycle path linking Pentagon Island to the new cycle and pedestrian bridge over the A52 near the Wyvern Centre has now been completed. This has been constructed on what was a grass verge between Chequers Road and the A52 and allows cyclists to avoid cycling on Chequers Road which, whilst generally quiet, can have occasional fast and inconsiderate motorists (one Sunday I found 2 hatchbacks doing drag races!).

The surface is generally good and fairly smooth apart from the section near Bamford Auctioneers where a different surface has been used (to cope with tree roots?) and which gives a bumpy ride.

The signage, on path painting and tactile paving seem odd but this doesn’t stop the route being used.

Derby City Council’s news item about this new cycle path can be found here.

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  1. Doug Flack says:

    I rode on it a few days ago and it’s a great improvement even the bumpy bit at the eastern end.
    How do we stop vehicles parking on it? Double yellow lines are usually ignored.

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