Ride to Work Week is now Ride Anywhere Week!

Ride to Work Week is now Ride Anywhere Week!

Love to Ride’s first event of the year ‘Ride to Work Week’ was due to take place next week. With many businesses requiring staff to work from home where they can, this event needed to evolve. So the event has now been rebranded as ‘Ride Anywhere Week’, which will still run next week from 23-29 March 2020.

Getting more people cycling is now more important than ever. It’s important that people who are working from home, or spending more time at home, do what they can to be active and stay connected. After all, getting outside into the fresh air and sunlight is a great way to boost the immune system and helps to maintain a healthy mind too!

Many people within Derby might rely on public transport to get around generally. They might be less able to use public transport at this time because they are more vulnerable to Coronavirus, or they may be in contact with people who are more vulnerable. Riding a bike can provide an ideal way for people to get around whilst maintaining a level of social distancing.

It would be great to get as many people taking part and spreading the word. Riding your bike is now even more important and beneficial to individuals and communities for the following reasons:

  • Getting around: biking is an ideal way to get around town – to gather supplies, to get to work (if needed), to visit people who need care or support.
  • Improving physical health: riding regularly not only keeps you fit and healthy, it also boosts your immune system and strengthens your cardiovascular and respiratory systems too.
  • Better mental health: the evidence is clear, cycling makes you happier through chemical releases in the brain, also helping to combat the negative effects that loneliness and isolation can bring (especially as more people work from home).
  • Staying connected: Love to Ride is an online community and by taking part in Ride Anywhere Week you can connect and compete with friends, family, work colleagues and neighbours. Set up a ‘group’, set a goal, upload a story, ride anywhere and win some amazing prizes too!
  • Being green and clean: by choosing not to drive the car but riding your bike instead, you immediately release a big bundle of benefits – such as all the above – and being carbon neutral at the same time.

The same amazing prizes are still up for grabs, including one bike every day, all for just logging any ride next week so please do spread the word and encourage your colleagues, friends and family to spend a few minutes joining Love to Ride at https://www.lovetoride.net/derby and logging their rides next week.

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  1. Tony Roelich says:

    I meant to do Love to Ride; it was just manic around then and didn’t get chance to l.og any rides. I hope it went OK though.

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