Duffield Road school parking problems

Cyclists on Duffield Road around St. Benedict’s school will be well aware of the number of vehicles parked on the double yellow lines and blocking the on road cycle lane in the mid afternoon as parents and others wait for their children to leave school.

This problem was discussed with the Council and others back in 2017 with no significant solution and the problems have occurred since.

This week there was some progress when it was noted that Notts+Derbys school buses had joined the illegal parking. A complaint to the manager of Notts+Derby buses resulted in a quick reply saying “all drivers were told last year about parking on Duffield Road. Unfortunately this is a new driver and may not be aware. I can assure you he will be today and you should have no more problems”. The manager asked to be informed if there are any further problems and I would imagine the re-education would be repeated!

Good to see that the local bus company are taking their responsibilities seriously. I’d advise anyone seeing similar problems making their views known to the bus company.

Now just got to find a way of stopping cars parking on yellow lines for extended periods.

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  1. David says:

    Hmm, a new driver not aware double yellows mean no parking? Where did they get their driving license?

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