Darley Abbey Multi-user Path already well used

We’re pleased to see that the long awaited multi-user path through Darley Park is now open for use and is already being well used by walkers, joggers and cyclists.

The recent flooding of the Derwent seems to have caused some delays but no apparent damage. It is understood that the final, cosmetic layer of tarmac will be added once the weather improves.

Well done to Derby City Council for progressing this improvement despite two previous failures to obtain planning permission even though there was overwhelming, but not unanimous, local support. Now the path is in place it provides an excellent circular route (along both sides of the Derwent crossing the river at Darley Abbey Mills and at Handyside Bridge) which will be well used by families and those looking for a shorter, scenic walk or ride away from traffic.

The Council have also authorised 2 way cycle travel on Darley Street (by the Abbey pub) allowing access from the end of the multi-user path to Darley Abbey Mills.

We can be critical of the Council when they take decisions to the detriment of cycling within the city (e.g. trying to improve air quality by removing cycle facilities!) but it is important to also acknowledge their efforts and praise them when they create good quality infrastructure.

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