Railway Station Cycle Parking

Railway Station Cycle Parking

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This rather forbidding notice on the cycle racks at Derby Station hides some encouraging progress. Apparently, according to one of the duty managers, the work will result in a locked barrier around the racks with access by a key fob, available “for life” for a nominal fee. Similar to the access arrangement at the Sheffield station bike hub.

What is particularly promising is that the addition parking on Platform 1b is 25 stands (50 bike spaces) concreted into the platform.

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  1. Jean Baird says:

    Very good news, esp. the cycle parking on the platform. I can *surmise* that this might be due to the crime rate that was the result of having the previous arrangements a haven for would be bike thieves. Now, what would it take to have the Bus Station adopt strategies to make the facilities they currently offer much more of a deterrent to cycle thieves? Much as I like Park Bikeworks I can’t use it because the hours it offers are much too restricted and it remains a *boutique* option for those who work in Derby.

  2. Martin Aldred says:

    Interesting contrast between bus companies and rail companies, Jean. Rail companies pay for the BT Police force, so any crime on railway property is likely to increase policing costs and, indirectly, reduce the money available for profits. Bus companies, on the other hand, are insulated from the direct cost of policing, as it is paid out of general taxation, and have not yet made the link between bike thefts resulting in fewer bikes and more cars on the roads with a consequential increase in their operating costs through increased congestion.

    Rail passengers also tend to pay a lot more for their travel than bus passengers and express their anger more forcefully to rail companies when their bikes are stolen from railway premises.

  3. TonyR says:

    This is fantastic, just what Martin has been campaigning for over many years. Well done Martin and many thanks for your persistence. This may not have come directly from a DCG request at this point in time, but cycle parking on platform 1 has been constantly raised with East Midland Trains over many years, so I have no doubt that persistent campaigning has now paid dividends.

  4. Martin Aldred says:

    Key fobs now available from the booking office for £10 (for life).

    Any comments on the new system are welcome.

  5. Jules beck says:

    The problem now is that all the access fobs have been sold, as have the “spares”, and so newbies like me have no way of accessing the bike store. Apparently no more are going to be issued. And yet the bike store is never full..
    So.. if anyone is prepared to sell me one please e-mail me

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