The Bike Show 2011

The Bike Show has previously been held in London, but for 2011 moved to the NEC, so worth a visit to see where the future lies for we cyclists. Most of the big names were in attendance but not, surprisingly, Brompton, Cateye, Birdy or Dahon.

Lots of inovative designs, many using materials other than the traditional steel and aluminium, and some clever design ideas, particularly in folding bikes.

This is one of the futuristic bikes which caught my eye. It is a folding bike with full size wheels, stub axles, three spoke
wheels, single leg forks and rear frame, and cable operated disc brakes. The two speed gear is operated by the riders heels pushing buttons (left or right) built into the bottom bracket spindle. The drive is by way of a fully enclosed chain with the gear box built into the bottom bracket. Mudguards can be fitted without
compromise to the folding.
The frame is aluminium and it folds very neatly such that it can be trundled along in the folded state. It’s weight is 12kg, so no lightweight, but since the machine can be trundled, weight is less important.
Only for loading into vehicles would it be necessary to lift it.
Not cheap at £1600, but mass production would no doubt bring the price down significantly.

See how neatly it folds. The seat can be lowered of course, but makes a useful handle for trundling the bike

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