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A Vision of the Future – Derby to Nottingham Green Corridor

    The CTC Thursday Ride Group have cycled from Ratcliffe Lane/Long Lane (near Kegworth) to Clifton along the relatively traffic free route of the old A453.



Has been replaced by this



Which is now only an access road to Barton in Fabis and a link between Barton and Thrumpton. The new A453 dual carriageway is just visible in the background.

There is now a route between Derby and Nottingham that is either off-road or relatively traffic-free following the Riverside Path out of Derby to Elvaston Castle,  Ambaston, Shardlow, Sawley Marina,  past East Midlands Parkway and Ratcliffe Power Station and on through Clifton. Once the new tram service is operating there is even an option of leaving a bike at the new Clifton Park and Ride.


Railway Station Cycle Parking

IMG_B0601 copy

This rather forbidding notice on the cycle racks at Derby Station hides some encouraging progress. Apparently, according to one of the duty managers, the work will result in a locked barrier around the racks with access by a key fob, available “for life” for a nominal fee. Similar to the access arrangement at the Sheffield station bike hub.

What is particularly promising is that the addition parking on Platform 1b is 25 stands (50 bike spaces) concreted into the platform.

IMG_B0600 copy

The Future of Cycling

Eight of theses massive machines are chomping through central London at the rate of several hundred metres a week. As the cost of tunnelling reduces much smaller versions will be available for cycle tunnels. With silky smooth concrete surfaces these new transport systems will provide traffic, wind and rain free utopian cycling on gentle gradients through city and urban areas. Effortless average speeds in excess of 40 mph will be possible with typical suburban to town centre travelling times under 10 minutes.

Tunnels will be unidirectional and wind turbines used to provide forced airflow in the direction of travel. Separate overtaking lanes will be available on uphill sections with access determined by the cyclist’s computer monitored ability to perform at the current average climbing speed. At the sides there will be the option to further reduce rolling resistance by use of a grooved steel trackway inserted into the floor for bikes with appropriately profiled steel tyres. This guideway will be especially useful for recumbent riders in their streamlined shells who wish to concentrate on other activities during their journey. The gentle undulating nature of the tunnels, avoiding underground obstacles such as sewerage pipes and surfacing towards access points, will be ideal for regenerative braking; with energy stored in capacitors for use on subsequent climbs. Maintenance costs will be negligible as the risks of pot holes from ice and heavy traffic will have been eliminated.

The use of helmets will be optional.

Bike Parking at Derby Railway Station – an Olympic Sport?

Work is about to start on the long awaited environmentally friendly transport interchange at the front of Derby Railway Station, doubling cycle parking. In a few weeks the North car park will close to cars and the bike racks will be moved to the centre of the car park, along the back wall, but in sight of the main road. A temporary car park and drop-off point will be established in Wellington Street (behind the European Hotel) with the Contractors compound and site office. Post a comment here if you have any problems with the building works and we will get a response. Temporarily, taxis will occupy the station forecourt and buses move to Midland Road while work is carried out on the new taxi ranks and drop-off points in front of the Midland Hotel. This will be completed before work stops for 6 weeks to make way for crowds heading to the Olympics. Then, by end November 2012, the North car park will be reinstated, new bus island and double-deck cycle racks installed in front of the station.

Welcome to Derby – a cycle friendly City!