View of the Cloud Quarry from the Cloud Trail now visible again


Before the work - no view
Before the work – no view

Cyclists who have visited the Cloud Trail (near Breedon on the Hill) over the last few years are always impressed at the view of the quarry and how small the workers and their massive earth moving machines seem. However, recently the growth of the foliage behind the protective fence (i.e. on the edge of the quarry) has got out of hand and the view had totally disappeared.

View restored
View restored

After we got in touch with the Breedon Quarry Group, their Operations Manager (Carl Ashurst) has been instrumental in getting the foliage cut back (a major job when at the edge of the massive cliff) and the excellent view has been reinstated.

It is now, once again, worth the trip to the Cloud Trail (incidentally, a completely traffic route of about 15 miles from Derby).

Our thanks for the Breedon Quarry Group and, in particular, Carl for their very helpful and “can-do” attitude.

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