December 2013 member meeting notes


Ian Dent, David Clasby, Mark Hicklin, Martin Aldred, Ian Alexander, Roger Jackson, Tony Roelich, Peter Greenfield, Lucy Care, Richard Chambers (Love Velo)


Dave Waldram, Jean Baird, Ian Care.

Matters Arising

The gazebo has been fixed by PG. PG to research into gazebo water filled weights.

Pull Up Banners/ flags to be looked into by DC


VJ requesting articles. Last one was 4 pages. Jan is to be the next one, articles before Christmas. Electronic newsletters can be the length they are, only March one which is sent out in post need be four pages.


DC to go through and add list of names and emails at the council for the freebie copies. PG to add web site addresses.


We now have a Paypal account and Ian Dent is investigating, also set up Coop account.


Transition Belper event, Colin Harrison from Transition Chesterfield organised IA went along.

May 24th Cycle Derby event in Market Place, we want to be there.

Climate Change Coalition, LC attended and will look to do an article.

DC reported on Derbyshire Meeting on Little Eaton, Breadsall,

LC had a meeting with A1+, Queensway upgrade will be this financial.

Core Strategy

DC to look through and try and get some ideas developed with Tony R

LC to write an initial email asking members to look at and reply to the Core strategy.

Developing a Strategic cycling network plan

Meeting to discuss this on Jan 21st 2013, we want a map which shows our aspiration for the strategic cycle network in the city. We will also start to work on a cycling strategy for the city.

Interim plan for a cycle route to the velodrome after we had raised our concerns.

DCG agreed to support the closed road circuit.

TR to rewrite the letter to express our support for the road circuit.

DC/ PG to contact Cycle Derby/ BC/ local clubs.

Future Campaigns

Give cyclists room

Cyclists in shared spaces

Cyclists are traffic.

To be discussed at Jan 21st meeting.


Tuesday 7th January 2013 7:30pm Brunswick

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