Meeting minutes – September 2012

Minutes of meeting Derby Cycling Group Tuesday September 4th 2012 Brunswick


Tony Roelich, Dave Clasby (minutes), Martin Aldred, Ian Care, Dave Waldram, Ian Alexander (Chair), Lucy Care, Ruth Holland, Ian Dent.


Jenny Schofield, Martin Aldred, Les Sims, Al Ditheridge.

Minutes of  meeting

Minutes of August meeting were agreed.

Actions Arising

Cyclenation subscription based on membership number which is 220 which decides our subscription. It represents 10% of our annual income. Concern expressed that it is a large %.

+ID to comment to Cyclenation on this.



Lucy has done a new information sheet for station notice board. We did some editing of poster,

+Lucy to put up some pics too.

National guide for taking bikes on trains.

New logo from JS was discussed. Need to have capitals for DCG. +Members to send JS thoughts on logo.

20’s Plenty,

LC emailed to say that we are happy to support but no one willing to take it on at the moment.

+LC to do something for the newsletter.

Connecting Derby

Derby need designers to help cycle facilities, be employed by agency. Traffic technicians. LC to go round the inner ring to spot issues,

+LC to let group know when she is going.

Safer Cities Fund

DC wrote letter of support from DCG fro DCC for funds to build cycle route from Spider island to Victory Road.

Derby Feste

DCC wanna close cycle path by Silk Mill and Cathedral Green for the weekend.

Consider the swing bridge as a possible solution.

+TR to look at email and respond.

Velodrome MUSA

Developments going ahead, closed road circuit going ahead. Concern over how people will get there, want make sure people going on bikes. Need to play on Olympics and support the council.

+DC to write to DT re increases in walking, cycling and public transport. TR to contact Nick Moyes re plan for closed road circuit.


Team have been appointed and start in mid Sept.

New transport minister lives in Quarndon so we should do something. Agenda item for next time.

+TR to send a well done leaflet.


Nothing  more, send one in October 2012


A schedule of possible rides.

Pedal Powered Party, send out an email to all members.

+DC to send email copy to Ian to send out,

DW will do a stall at the event. JB to do help out on stall. TR to bring membership forms. Our time slot is 4pm but can ride anytime.

Rides Meeting

Two weeks time at Brunswick Tues Sept 18th7:30pm to chat about organising a ride programme. IA to book room.


Chesterfield 10:15am Sept 22nd DC, DW and IA going

Tour of Britain

Little Eaton, Duffield 10:45 September 10th

Sustrans Ranger ride

+DC to email local schools with info on the ride on Sept 23rd.

10:30am start from Mickleover train station, 10:00 Dr Bike will be at station and then at Etwall swimming. Press release maybe re Dr bike


Date of next meeting:

October  2nd 2012. 7:30pm The Brunswick.

Chair: Ian Alexander

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