Minutes from August 2012 Members meeting

Minutes of meeting Derby Cycling Group

Tuesday 7th August 2012 Brunswick


Al Ditheridge (AL), Jenny Schofield (JS), Martin Quarton (MQ), Dave Waldram (DW), Ian Alexander (Chair, IA), Ian Dent (ID), Tony Roelich (TR), Lucy Care (LC), Ian Care (IC)


Dave Clasby (DC), Les Sims, Martin Aldred (MA), Ruth Holland


Minutes of  meeting

Minutes of the July meeting agreed as accurate.



The bike parking has now moved temporarily to a site within the car park. Some new Sheffield stands have been built near the main entrance. The new arrangements have led to big increase in thefts from “3 per week to 3 per day”.

JS has discussed survey with EM Trains and agreed to postpone survey until after all changes are complete.

Possible second hand bike stand cover at station that can be reused. TR to investigate transfer to Royal Hospital or Pride Park.

LC to upgrade DCG board content at station.

LC has undertaken a survey of usage of the station bridge.

JS to write a simplified, local guide of “how to use a bike on the train” for addition to DCG board at station.

MA to be asked to write something about parking at the station for the newsletter.

20s Plenty

National organisation has contacted DCG asking for a volunteer to lead local campaign. Some interest in supporting the campaign but no lead person identified. Strutts Park Community Association may be interested. Agreed that DCG supports the goals of the campaign.

LC to contact national organisation to express DCG’s support and offer to help with publicity.

LC to write article on campaign for newsletter and website.

Cycle Forum

TR has previously created a list of ideas for improvements as part of Connecting Derby follow on. TR to add this to website for member comment.

The Cathedral Quarter is keen on promoting cycling. LC to find out contact details for key individuals. JS to visit shops in the area to get idea of their views.

Possible consultation to come on “Accessing Derby”. TR to find out details.

TR provided list of discussion points for meeting with Councillor Banwait. TR to edit for public sight and add to website. TR and DC held meeting with Councillor Banwait.

14 cycle monitors are now in place around the city. These will be useful for measuring changes in cycling usage in the future.

There may be opportunities for joint activities with Groundworks.

Olympic Cycling Success

Discussion about how to capitalise on the current high profile of cycling after Tour de France and Olympic success. A high profile cyclist starting the building work on the Multi Use Sports Centre would be good publicity. LC/IC to speak with DC about progressing.

Tour of Britain is visiting Derby on Monday 10th Sept. Agreed to have recruitment drive amongst spectators. To be discussed at next meeting.


JS has created new logo and will email to all interested members.

ID to set up mailing list to ease the problems of mailing to all “active” members.

ID to follow up linkage of DCG website to CTC website.

ID to send details to LC of how to access website.

Cyclenation subscription is overdue. We need to pay 20p per member. TR to ask Cathy what official number of members to quote.


Tour of Britain in Derby on 10th September.

JS is organising a ride to celebrate Alice Wheeldon on 2nd September. There will be media coverage of the history on 30th August.

Discussion held about insurance for DCG organised public rides. IA to investigate.

We agreed to try and hold some pub rides again. IA to plan. Possible survey of attendees at event in Derby Market place on 9th Sept.

Pedal Pals and Groundworks are organising local cycle rides.

Sustrans ride to Etwall and BBQ (and swim) which was cancelled due to flooding now rearranged for Sunday 23rd Sept 10:30 from Mickleover.

Cycle Show at NEC in Birmingham set for 27-30th Sept.

JS to investigate Level 3 ride leading training. St. Johns Ambulance are willing to support rides for a donation.


Yorkshire.com/backlebid to register your support for Tour de France in Yorkshire.

DCG has been contacted by Ruth Strange about creating a 2013 Derby Peoples Diary. ID to send details to JS for JS to respond on DCG’s behalf.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday September 4th 2012.  The Brunswick.

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