Members’ meeting minutes – July 2012

Minutes of meeting Derby Cycling Group Tuesday July 3rd 2012 Brunswick


Tony Roelich, Dave Clasby (minutes), Martin Aldred, Ian Care, Al Ditheridge (, Ian Alexander (Chair), Jenny Schofield, Lucy Care, Ruth Holland,


Dave Waldram, Ian Dent.

Minutes of  meeting

Minutes of June meeting were agreed. MUSA means Multi Use Sports Arena

Actions Arising

Conference that Lucy was going to go to had cancelled.


MUSA has been agreed in principle but with the proviso that any extra costs will be incurred by the developer.

Station survey for the cycle users of the station. Jenny spoken to Steve Lloyd customer services manager, doesn’t want the first three questions asked. The roof of the old storage can be donated to someone else. Steve doesn’t know about the extra 20 racks that are meant to be to the left of the entrance on leaving the station. Steve said that we can put the DCG board where we want. The info board needs updating.

Concern expressed ova cycle stands staying on the city side of the station for the whole of the development.

Charging £10 for people to use the bridge to get to the Pride Park side of the tracks.

JS to contact Andy Smart at DCC is he going to do sumthing about the three questions and the future of the cycle stands and cover. JS to liase with MA about questions to Andy Smart re the station plans.

Cycle Forum

Tesco in Allenton 106 money?

Involvement of Westfield in cycle promotion.


Money for worst junction in the city,

Refuge in middle of road eg Pastures Hill

Future of LSTF

Side roads across cycle lanes. Adrian Lord report on cycle standards

Babington Lane where is it? Gower St.

Connecting Derby niggles. Dropped kerb near Remaque.

ASL enforcement

Review who attends forum.

Bus lanes and lights not changing for buses and cyclists.

One way contra flow.

Invite Ranjit Banwait.


By end of week to have read newsletter copy made comments to VJ and to email it out by this Friday.


Sunday July 8th 10am Dr Bike with Al but then Dr Bike at Etwal.

Stall for bike bits and 4 bikes have been donated.

Aug 18th and 25th events.

Sept 9th Bike generator project Derby Market place need clarity over how to get companies to sign up.


Alice Wheeldon possible bike ride.

Pub ride.

Date of next meeting:

August 7th 2012. 7:30pm The Brunswick.

Chair: Ian Alexander

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