Members’ meeting minutes – June 2012

Minutes of meeting Derby Cycling Group Tuesday June 12th  2012 Brunswick


Tony Roelich, Dave Clasby (minutes), Martin Aldred, Ian Care, Ian Dent, Ian Alexander (Chair), Jenny Schofield.


Lucy Care, Dave Waldram,

Minutes of  meeting

Minutes of May meeting grudgingly approved with amendments for the usual wrong date, wrong people present etc, etc. Martin was in Dublin and has permission from DCG to do survey at station but not from EMT.

Actions Arising

Martin and Jenny to liaise over doing a survey at the station possibly in bike week 2012 about bikes on trains and parking habits at the station.


DC to contact Adam Wilkinson and Ranjit Banwait asking about cycling facilities at the refurbed council house, put positive spin on work so far.

Ian and Ian are both signatories on cheques, paper work all handed over.

DC to contact Martin Repton re the time table for the decision over MUSA, also DC to contact Chris Doidge at Radio Derby. FB pages to be updated.

TR to contact Kirsty Green and Ranjit Banwait about MUSA.

Of note that petition of 783 was handed in and also the demo in the market place which attracted 200.

Sainsburies paths, group to be updated by Dave Turner.

Manor Rd n UNR junction, TR attended meeting happened June 11th very little thought for cycling and pedestrians. Still be uncontrolled crossing points at the junction. Hospital frustrated by changes. They are going to look at the issues raised, need to keep on at them.

Station forecourt started work but stopping for the London Games 2012. Cycle racks won’t move. We have a contact in an office if not happy.


June 16th Play and family fun day cycling related activities Nottingham.

July 8th Sustrans Family bike ride Sunday start 10:30 Mickleover Old train station, free swim, BBQ. Charity sale, selling bike bits, gazebo, smoothie maker. Appeal for bike stuff. Dr Bike 9:30am

Promote to local schools, choose cycling, FB, Derby Telegraph, Radio Derby, Rolls Royce.

Lucy to go on London cycling conference and us to pay for her attending that she represents Derby Cycling Group and contacts EMCF to see if she can represent them. We would like an article and pictures. On June 20th.

Bike Week. Do a Dr Bike event in Market Place from 12 to 3pm June 23rd joining DCG you get a free maintenance chat.

JS to make a design for use in a badge.

July 11th Weds 8pm DC is 50 and is going to be asking people to come to Horse and Groom and asking that if you are not a member of DCG then please join.

Possible rides and social events.

Leicester Critical Mass June 29th 6pm at The Curve.


TR to rewrite the article on the velodrome and where we want to go. Include some pictures of the rally.

Article asking people to contact members to write to Labour Councillors to find out what their policies are now they are in power.  Ask members to ask what their favourite scheme would be in their ward.


Tesco’s application gone in for developing the Mitre pub site. FB And website DC to put on for people to look at the application.

Next cycle forum is July 17th Tuesday.

Date of next meeting:

July 3rd 2012. 7:30pm The Brunswick.

Chair: Ian Alexander

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