Members’ meeting minutes – April 2012

Minutes of meeting Derby Cycling Group Tuesday April 3rd 2012 Brunswick

Tony Roelich (Chair), Dave Clasby, Martin Aldred, Ian Care, Lucy Care, Ian Dent, Jenny Schofield. Martin Quarton.

Les Sims, Ian Alexander, John Palmer, Dave Waldram

Minutes of meeting
Minutes of last meeting grudgingly approved with amendments for the usual wrong date, wrong people present etc, etc.

Actions Arising

TR to make contact with DCC person re gritting on cycle paths. On going.

Peak Cycles we have become a supporter and sent £50 donation.

Station Forecourt meeting happened and the level of cycle storage has been reduced due to objections from conservation group. Group members to email Andy Smart asking about the proposals and why the numbers originally proposed have been reduced. JS got approval from station manager to do survey, needs to write questions, get DCG approval then EM approval.

Velodrome approved but closed road circuit pending thru planning committee

TR and LC meeting with Andrea Shaw from Derby Royal re UNR Manor Road junction Thurs 3:30 April 5th.

ASL on UNR has gone in now.

3 Newsletter
Stuffed and sent out.

4. AGM

May 8th 7:30pm Friends Meeting House, main speaker Jeremy Taylor from Peak Cycles. 40 minutes to be broken up by Peak Cycles.

Chair: Ian Alexander tbc
Secretary: Dave Clasby
Treasurer: Ian Dent
Membership: Cathy Roelich
Campaigns: Tony Roelich
Newsletter Editor: Vijay
Web Master: Ian Dent
Press Officer: Dave Clasby
Railways coordinator: Martin Aldred
CTC: Ian Alexander
Sustrans: Les Sims
Derbyshire Liaison: Dave Waldram
Events Coordinator: Martin Quarton
With out portfolio: Lucy Care, Ian Care, Jenny Schofield

Amendments to constitution to be brought to May meeting, ID to check time for notice to members.

Projector, extension lead, lap top, refreshments AGM DC

Constitutional changes to be presented at AGM.
Project of the year: Cycle Derby
Business cycle friendly: Veggie Peddlers

Publicity email out to members. ID
FB and press release DC

Chair/ Campaigns.


Write to the leaders of the major parties.
Invite our members to contact all the candidates.
LC to contacts groups to see who may organise a meeting re transport/ sustainable Derby and elections.

Closed road circuit, we had quotes on radio.

Eastern Fringes, nothing to report.

Cities for Cycling go on website report dangerous junctions and roads. Look into getting DCG on.

Darley Park path, hopefully back on the agenda. We can build alliances on this.

Positive outcome to Queensway link between University. DC to look at link.


April 17th Derby Cycle Forum 4:30pm, Saxon House.

April 21st Cyclenation Health and Cycling conference Birmingham

June 2nd Sat June 3rd, bike generator workshop at Silk Mill Museum, free, now two separate one day courses.

August 18th and 25th events in the Market Place.

Sept 9th Paralympics closing ceremony 25 bike generator. We want teams of people to power the generators.


Date of next meeting: The Brunswick.
Chair: Ian Alexander

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