Support the Derby Multi Sports Arena including the Velodrome and Closed Road Cycle Circuit

Deadline: Wed 8th February 2012

The new Derby Multi Sports Arena will be next to Pride Park Stadium and will include a 250m indoor Velodrome and a 1.5km closed road circuit; it is absolutely stunning, inside and out and will be a great local and national attraction. see the inside and the outside

These facilities will enable Cycle Derby to take cycling to many, many more people than before. The closed road circuit will enable off-road cycle training at all standards, as well as offering a sporting challenge to experienced riders.

Children in Derby have flocked in huge numbers to the BMX track, the Cyclo-cross race series and the Basses Rec’ wheeled sports park (BMX tricks and skateboards), and the children have been the bedrock of the growth in cycling in the city; over 7% of our children now cycle to school regularly. The Velodrome and the closed road circuit will add hugely to that growth of a cycling culture.

It is however essential to show explicit support for the Velodrome and closed road circuit. We know that some local politicians would rather spend the money elsewhere. We need to give the planning committee no excuse for not passing the plans in full.

Please, will all members do two things before Wed 8th February 2012:

  1. Support the planning application for the new multi sports arena, including the velodorme and closed road circuit using the internet comment form or by letter.
  2. Write to or e-mail all three of your local councillors and tell them that you support the planning application, why these cycle facilities will increase cycling in the city, and why that is important (for health, congestion, pollution and personal economy). Derby City Councillors

Individually written, individually worded responses carry much more weight than pre-defined text or petitions, but it does not have to be lengthy

Follow the instructions here to make a comment on the planning application.

Open the planning application using the link here:

Written comments can be sent to:

Sara Booty
Development Management,
Neighbourhoods Directorate,
Saxon House,
Friary Street,
Derby DE1 1AN

Canvas Support From Your Local Councillors:

Write to your city councillors and/or the party leaders and tell them of your support and how you think the Velodrome and the Closed Road Circuit will benefit Derby and its citizens. Many councillors are not cyclists and they do not realise how much is going on in the city regarding cycling either within cycling clubs, on the streets with everyday cycling, and not even from Cycle Derby its self. Some parties would like to use the money for other things; they don’t think cycling is useful or has support. You all need to show them that they are wrong.

If you are from outside the city, but would use these facilities, let the party leaders know about it. Find your councillors from this link: Derby City Councillors

The leaders of the three main political parties are:

  • Conservatives:             Philip Hickson (Allestree)
  • Labour:                        Paul Bayliss (Alvaston)
  • Lib Dems:                   Hilary Jones (Mickleover)

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