January 2012 minutes

Minutes of meeting Derby Cycling Group Tuesday 3rd January 2012 Brunswick


Tony Roelich, Dave Clasby, Les Sims, Martin Aldred, Ian Alexander, Nigel Aspdin, John Palmer (Chair). Ian Dent,


Lucy Care, Ian Care, Vijaya Ramisetti

Minutes of  meeting

Minutes of the December meeting were not sent out by errant minute secretary and agreed, except that Martin Quarton was not at the October meeting.

Actions Arising

4. Campaigns

Meeting Jan 18th Jan for new sports centre and velodrome, TR been invited, DC going with Sustrans.

Notification of closure from Steve Gaskin of Riverside path from Raynesway to turning to Elvaston Castle, diversion been proposed.

Queensway and University who now claim that 106 money has been spent on improving other links especially buses.

Meeting with Matt Holmes. Positive as he does get it. Not willing to change priorities re LTP but acknowledged the role of cycling, he is a cyclist. Asset management top priority.  Cycle Derby now been mainstreamed into core funding.

West Chellaston development, keen to link the paths.

Cathedral Quarter issues raised.

Station forecourt, unaware of issues that might delay. TR to contact Andy Smart, Tony Gascoigne  and Matt Holmes about the confusion over time lines and to clarify.

One way streets and 20 mph zones broadly in favour.

London Road new bridge funding approved. Rip out replace, foot and cycle bridge in place during construction. Looking to include cycle provision in new bridge. The old footbridge can be reused but where?

Gritting discussion took place on desireability of gritting and putting pressure on council


Mailshot news letter with renewal notice. VJ newsletter, TR to create members letter via mail merge, Printing newsletter getting quotes and it done ID to coordinate, membership cards, MA to do overall coordination, then we need meeting for us all to meet March 20th to do the stuffing here at Brunswick 7:30pm.

January newsletter 2012 need 50 copies printed and putting in envelopes, DC to print, Les to hand write the addresses on the envelopes.


Simon Geller coming to next meeting to speak about Cyclenation or to attend at the next EMCF.


Website: Put info up about EMCF meeting on Feb 11th 2012

EMCF: publicity to be done by all.

Date of next meeting: Feb 7th Tuesday 2012.  The Brunswick.

Chair: Tony Roelich

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