October 2011 minutes

Minutes of meeting Derby Cycling Group Tuesday 5th October 2011 Brunswick

Actions in italics!!


Tony Roelich, Dave Clasby,  Les Sims, John Palmer, Martin Aldred,  Lucy Care, Martin Quarton, Ian Alexander, Ian Dent (Chair), Dave Waldram,


Nigel Aspdin. Mark Crossley, Vijaya Ramisetti, Ian Care

Minutes of  meeting

Minutes were read and agreed. Agenda is being sent out by the Chair of the next meeting.

Actions Arising

Membership meeting went ahead.


Nothing new.

+MA to ring them up to find out what progress has occurred.

Council are going audit the new design for the station forecourt. Money runs out at end of March. New multi storey car park near to station.

+LC/ DC to draft signs, cable ties, 4:30pm at Soundbites, extra copies vandalism and removals. LC did design signs but DC away on a jolly in L’pool.

+DC to contact DT

On going. Concern to be expressed about attitude of developers and councillors.

+MC to contact all political groups to have our link. On going

+DC to report back on Queensway. Had email from Dave Gartside

+TR to send an email asking for cycle liason meeting. On going

+Matt Holmes invited to Cycle Forum DC to do that.

+DC to meet DCC Sept 19th will feedback. Meeting was cancelled by DCC and DC will feedback when.

+ TR/ DC Cathedral Quarter Issue for cycle forum and meeting Matt Holmes. On going.

+MC presented a draft membership policy and procedure, this is to be discussed at the next committee meeting

+MC to ensure outside organisation send emails to secretary@der…. Which can then be redirected to relevant committee members.

+MC to investigate availability room EMCF, get back to DC. Room has been booked for Feb.

+LC to follow up links to do joint campaign with MAG on increasing provision. On going. DW

+DC to bring at Darley Board meeting. It was raised at the Board meeting by DC who will keep a watching brief.

On going + membership document to be circulated by MC



Planning application been reissued

University of Salford survey

+TR to forward the link for us to send out to members.

LSTF Meeting

On going

Cathedral Quarter BUG

Simon Blick from Bennets has offered to Cycle Derby, big building for Bike Hub, cycle park.

DC had Offer from Hannah Fox we are interested in principle in taking up offer to run event at Silk Mill.

+DC to pursue with Hannah Fox and look to link in with other groups.

East Midlands Cycle Forum

Connecting Derby

Cabinet found £90K, by officers, 17 issues been identified.

£3 000.00 to be spent on cycling issues.

£40K delivery of identified schemes, independant of Connecting Derby.

Cycle Derby

100% of all schools get some cycling activities

100% of all primary schools had

+LC to develop a question to be asked at full council with regard to cycle training levels and future funding. DW to

East Midlands Road Users and Environmental Committee

Highways agency standing group. There are noises that they may want to remove cyclists from even cycle routes alongside trunk roads.

Lively discussion on this topic.

We agreed in principle to supporting cycling facilities alongside trunk roads.

Station Notice Board

It is still there and we should use it.

+ MA to keep it updated.


Oct 15th LC and IA may go to CTC/ CCN conference in Sheffield. DC is already going.


Going ahead on Feb 11th, room and food booked. Need to get publicity out and an agenda to participants. DC to work on it.


Thank you to VJ. Please get articles in to VJ so we can keep it vital. Gone out but some people didn’t receive emails.


Ian has done work on new design of website which looks good and ‘fresh’ and may become the new one at the flick of a switch.

+Facebook, DC to make Ian an administrator.

CCTV camera.

+IA to write to Everards about installing a camera outside the Brunswick because of stolen bikes outside the pub.


John Palmer with much regret and the appreciation of the whole group has decided to step down from the role of Treasurer at the next AGM.

The rotation of the chair has been agreed for next 3 months being Mark C, Dave C, John Palmer.

Concern over the number of people who are attending the meetings and that we need to find a new Tresurer.


7:30pm at The Brunswick Tuesday November 1st, all welcome.

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