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Derby Politicians and Cycle Transport: How do they stack up?

Vote BikeFor anyone who drives in Derby’s rush hour, or is concerned at the many health issues caused by increasingly sedentary life styles, getting more people to travel by bicycle is one way to alleviate some of the problems associated with both.

But in Derby the cycle network is very disjointed and does not encourage people to start cycling. Many people who want to cycle are too fearful to ride on the road and cycling levels are suppressed as a consequence.

Derby needs a properly designed, integrated, cycle network covering the whole city but Derby’s politicians have been short on action to deliver such a network. Following recent debacles such as a velodrome with no cycle access to link it with Derby’s most popular cycle path just 150m away, and the new £11million London Road rail bridge which was supposed to provide cycle paths to open up that route to more cycling but delivered absolutely nothing at all for cyclists; Derby Cycling Group has been trying to get local politicians to take an active interest in cycle transport.

We have been promoting two national campaigns with local councillors (Space for Cycling) and parliamentary election candidates (Vote Bike) to see what their policies on cycle transport are. We are concerned that now the Velodrome is complete, everyday cycle transport may lose out because politicians may think it’s “job done” for cycling. But cycle sport and cycle transport are two very different things. The candidate’s and party’s responses are very mixed. See our analysis on the linked document below:

        Derby Politicians and Cycle Transport

Our Letter to local politicians: April 2015 Letter to political parties

The replies from those who chose to engage with us:

        Conservative Party – Matthew Holmes

       Green Party – Philip Hood

      Labour Party -Ranjit Banwait

Derby’s Velodrome is Here

Derby VelodromeIt’s here.

Derby has a velodrome.

Derby Arena is a spectacular and beautiful building inside, and iconic and eye catching outside. Congratulations to everyone involved in the concept, design, and building of this place. Derby Cycling Group hopes it will live up to all the expectations and delivers cycle sporting heroes, gets thousands of people just taking part, getting fit, getting more healthy as a result. We also hope it will enthuse many more people to start cycling on everyday journeys and to make cycling a major part of the way they travel around the city. We do however believe that more and better cycle infrastructure is needed to make everyone who wants to cycle to be able to switch from cycle sport to cycle transport and urge the city council to now invest in that infrastructure, like they invested in Derby Arena.

Space For Cycling Bulletin Board

space_for_cyclingDerby Cycling Group have had enough of city council departments and new projects failing to deliver even the most basic facilities for cyclists. Our Space for Cycling campaign wants to get Derby City Councillors to recognise…


  • The benefits that cycling can bring to Derby and it’s citizens,
  • That much more must be done to make cycling a really attractive means of transport for everyone in the city
  • To create policies that will deliver a cycle network worthy of the name.
  • To get the city council to deliver real changes to enable more people to cycle more often and more safely

You can help in this campaign by writing to, e-mailing, phoning and talking to your local councillors and making the case for more Space for Cycling.

The materials below are there to inform and assist you with your own campaigning in order to help us to achieve these goals:

DCG Space for Cycling Information Sheet

Link to online letter writing tool  : Enter your post code and this tool finds your three local councillors and drafts a letter to them. You should add your own words to the front of the standard letter, or replace it entirely with your own text. Make sure Councillors know you want them to pledge support for our Space for Cycling campaign. Their letter has a link to let them do this.

Link to online Space for Cycling map

Link to CTC, National, Space for Cycling page

Letters Derby Cycling Group have written to city councillors; they know what we want and why:

Letter 1 – Space for Cycling in Derby

Letter 2 – Why Space for Cycling is Needed?

Letter 3 – What Councillors Can Do for Cycle Transport

         Letter 4 – A Guide for Local Decision Makers

                              PDF of Guide for Local Decision Makers

Happy New Year 2015

20150104 S4C mapHappy New Year to all cyclists and would-be cyclists in Derby and the surrounding area.  What will 2015 bring for us this year? We hope, with your help and support, that our councillors and MPs can be persuaded to create policies which enable more cycling for everyday transport in the city and it’s locality. Derby is a small, pale orange dot on the map on the left because 6% of our councillors (ie 3 of them) support the Space for Cycling campaign. We want you to tell your councillors to support it, so we can turn the map yellow then green, as in Leicester and Nottingham. And what about Derbyshire too – only 3 of them, 5% of councillors, have signed up, despite the high profile “Peak Cycle Links” and “Pedal Peak” projects.

The first step to get your councillor’s attention is to write a letter to them and send it using the  online tool at this link .

Need to find out what to write about? Need more information? Want to know what Space for Cycling is all about? Find it all in Derby Cycling Group’s “Space for Cycling Information Sheet” which is attached here: DCG S4C Info Sheet  and on the Space4cycling tag on the right hand side of this page.

Three Councillors Signed Up for Space for Cycling

It is a slow start, but now three of the 51 councillors in Derby have signed up to the Space for Cycling campaign. Please encourage more to do so by writing to them using the link below or going to your neighbourhood forum and asking them to support more and safer cycling in Derby.

Space4Cycling in Derby

space_for_cyclingDerby Cycling Group has just written to all Derby City Councillors, explaining what Space for Cycling is about and asking them to sign up to make better cycle provision in the city.

Read our letter below:

Dear Councillor,

Cycling has a great part to play in the transportation and economic future of Derby but it’s potential is being crippled by one thing:

People are too afraid to cycle on the road.

People want to cycle because they want to be more active, fit and healthy, because they want to save money which they can spend in the local economy instead of on petrol in their cars, because they are tired of sitting in traffic jams on the commute to work and are concerned about traffic pollution. But before they will get on a bike many people want a safer environment in which to cycle; they want Space 4 Cycling on our roads and elsewhere.

Derby City Council has failed to capitalise on the opportunities provided by being a Cycle Demonstration Town between 2005 and 2011, it has not created any significant growth in the length, quality or interconnection of it’s cycle network. Continue reading Space4Cycling in Derby

Ask Derby City Councillors to Make Space for Cycling

space_for_cyclingClick on the link below, watch the 2 minute video and then ask your local councillors to make “Space for Cycling” one of their election manifesto pledges.

Space for Cycling

Please use your voice to help us make a case for more and better places to ride a bike in Derby.

Say that:

  1. You support Derby Cycling Group’s objective for a fully integrated cycle network to be created in Derby covering the whole city which will enable everyone to choose to cycle if they want to.
  2. Identify some specific places where more space is needed for cyclists in your local area. It may be cycle lanes on the road, cycle paths off the road, cycle parking at your local shops, streets where you would like to have a 20mph speed limit, or anything else.

Changing Places Day

CPDA great event on Wednesday 30th October, 10:30am to 3:00pm with an emphasis on making HGV drivers and cyclists more aware of one another. Lots of events and cycling related stalls in the shadow of the new velodrome on Pride Park. Cycle there, ride on a pop-up velodrome or watch the off-road show; sit in the cab of a lorry and a bus to see what the driver sees. For drivers: ride a bike close to an HGV and see what that feels like.

Meet Dave Brailsford and Ian Drake of British Cycling and para-triathlete Phil Hogg. If you are a cyclist, talk to HGV and public service vehicle drivers about cycling on the road.

DCG has a stall; we will be talking about respect on the road and giving cyclists room. Drop by for a chat, or introduce a friend to join up. As it’s half term, if you have children ride down with them. You can get to the event along the riverside path, coming off near Pride Park stadium and working your way through to the far side of the velodrome. Many other stalls there as well, see link for details.

Getting Cycle Training on the National Curriculum

The link below takes you to a webpage where you can pledge support to have cycling included on the national curriculum for schools in England.

Put Cycling on the National Curriculum

The national curriculum is being reviewed and the nation is being consulted on what we would like to see changed. Adding cycling to it would mean that huge numbers of children would receive the fantastic Bikeability Level 1 and 2 training. This is the current national standard used all over the country, including by Cycle Derby.

I hope as many people as possible will join in the campaign to make this happen. The link asks you first to add your details, and then presents you with a pro-forma letter which you can send as-is, or edit to send your own personal message, maybe at the start where it is most noticeable. The campaign is being run by CTC.

Save Derby Velodrome Petition – 783 signatures

We have now printed off the 722 signatures from the Save Derby Velodrome online petition ready to hand to councillor Martin Repton on Monday 28th May. We also have 61 additional paper signatories from the market place rally, giving a total of 783 people who have signed to support the multi sports arena incorporating a velodrome and concert space.

What a fantastic response, we are so, so grateful to everyone who has supported this great cause and those who turned out in the market place to demonstrate how popular this project is in Derby.

We believe the new council will give it’s decision to the multi sports arena project at it’s first cabinet meeting on Tuesday 29th May. We hope that will be a forward looking decision and one which will give the city a fantastic new facility that it deserves.