December 2014 minutes

Minutes Dec 2nd 2014

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November Minutes

Minures fom 4th November

DCG mins Nov2014

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Road Safety Advice from Derbyshire Police relating to cycling

Derbyshire Police publish advice on all kinds of subjects including that of road safety and cycling. There is some useful advice for drivers at this link

One piece of advice to drivers is “It’s your responsibility as a driver to avoid hitting the cyclist, not the responsibility of the cyclist to avoid getting hit by you.”

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A New Era of Urban Planning

An interesting blog exploring ideas of civic responsibility, active design, healthy urban planning, and public space.

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Three Councillors Signed Up for Space for Cycling

It is a slow start, but now three of the 51 councillors in Derby have signed up to the Space for Cycling campaign. Please encourage more to do so by writing to them using the link below or going to your neighbourhood forum and asking them to support more and safer cycling in Derby.

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Peak Cycle Links Phase II consultation – please give your views

The Peak Cycle links project to produce a circular route from Matlock through Bakewell and Buxton is currently in a consultation phase and your comments would be welcomed.

Whilst not sited in Derby, the proposed routes will complement the planned Derwent Valley Cycleway and allow cyclists to travel from Derby, around the proposed circular Peak District routes and then back to Derby via Ashbourne or south along the Derwent Valley Cycleway.

Please review the plans here and add your views to the online consultation available here Deadline for commenting is the 15th September.

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September Meeting Minutes

DCG mins Sept2014

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Derby’s Missed Opportunity for Nature and Cycling

The Watchtree Nature Reserve (near Carlisle) shows what could have been possible in Derby if not for the actions of the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust earlier in the year to scupper the chances of a closed road circuit.

The Watchtree reskylarkserve actively promotes the use of cycles on their reserve with a cycle hire centre and a number of adapted cycles for people with disabilities. They have a cycle circuit throughout the reserve with access to a number of bird hides and actively encourage groups to experience the joint delights of cycling and nature watching.

Their website says “Watchtree Nature Reserve is open 7 days a week for visitors looking to walk, bird watch or bringing their own bikes.”

Wildlife seen at the reserve includes 60 species of birds including skylarks (which the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust insist require the total exclusion of the public – except for a privileged few – to allow for successful sightings).

If only the wildlife “champions” in Derby could have had the vision to match their colleagues in the North West. Perhaps they could learn from successfully involving all parts of the local community in the Watchtree reserve?

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Support Cycle to Work Day on 4th September

ctwd-logoSupport the Cycle to Work Day on Thursday 4th September.

More details of how you can involved at

Various bike shops (including Samways and Cyclomonster in Derby) are offering free bike checks over the next couple of weeks.

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August Minutes

DCG mins Aug14

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