Vigorous and Rigorous About Cycling in Derby

Space for Cycling LogoDerby City Council needs to be more vigorous and rigorous about developing a better cycling network which encourages more people to cycle more often. Derby city councillors are pivotal in enabling that vigour and rigour.


This week, DCG has invited the councillor who leads each of the political parties represented on Derby City Council to a meeting with us to discuss their support for cycle transport in the city and for our Space for Cycling campaign.

Follow our campaign to find out:

  • What they say to us in those meetings
  • How you can help us to convince them they need to do more to make cycling for transport easier and better in Derby
  • What else we are doing as part of our Space for Cycling campaign

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Space for Cycling Bulletin Board

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Annual Cycling Awards – nomination request

gold-trophyEach year at the AGM in May, the Derby Cycling Group likes to recognise individuals or organisations that have significantly contributed towards improving cycling in the Derby area over the previous year. We are now looking for ideas for a short-list for this year’s awards. If you have any ideas for who the group should recognise please send in the idea (either by emailing to or by completing the form below).

Nominations are required before the end of February. At the March members’ meeting a decision will be taken on who to recognise from the various suggestions made. All suggestions are welcomed but remember that we are looking to recognise success in improving cycling provision in the Derby area and over the last year.

The award winners will be invited to attend the AGM in May to receive the award and take part in publicity photos.

Award winners from previous years can be seen here and  here.

Your Name:
Your nomination to consider for an award:
Brief reasons for your nomination:

Thanks for your suggestions

Watch this video






Chris Boardman is a great ambassador for cycling, and his video on cycling in the Netherlands shows what can be done for cycling when politicians can be persuaded to see the benefits of making the local infrastructure more suitable for sustainable transport.

Click HERE to see it.

Sorry about the preceding commercial.

Where do cyclists cycle in Derby?

One source of data for “which routes do cyclists use” is the Strava data collected for all the users of Strava. Whilst the data cannot be taken as typical of all cycle users in Derby, the results are interesting in showing some of the most popular routes. Note that the data is only up to May 2015.

For example, the Riverside Path is very well used as is Duffield Road and the A6 north of Derby.

You can see the Strava heat map data at this link The more heavily used routes are shown in red, the lesser used ones in yellow or green.

New member benefit – Discount at Big on Bikes


Another cycle business is offering a discount to DCG members on production of a valid membership card. David Howard and his trained staff at Big on Bikes carry out repairs and servicing of bikes as well as having experience in the delivery of Bikeability courses for schools and voluntary organisations  The discount given is 15% and applies to all repairs and servicing.

Big on Bikes is based at The Hub on Duffield Road in Little Eaton.  Please refer to their website for more information.

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