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strava-logoA “club” for Derby Cycling Group has been set up on Strava. Any Derby Cycling Group members who are also Strava users are welcome to join the club by visiting

This could be a useful way of capturing data on the most popular cycling routes in Derby although I am aware that most cyclists don’t use Strava so the data could be unrepresentative of the average cyclist. It might also be a way for individuals to find routes that they hadn’t thought about in the local area.

New Cyclepath in Darley Fields

2016-04-19 15.55.46As part of the ongoing work for the new flood defences (Our City, Our River), a small stretch of new cyclepath has been laid in Darley Fields and looks very good quality. It is still fenced off at the moment but seems to be an excellent tarmac surface.

The new route (only 50-100m) runs from the existing cycle route through Darley Fields to the route alongside the river next to Parker’s Piece (next to where the bowling green used to be).

Hopefully, this is an indication of the quality of the facilities we can expect as the flood defence project progresses.

Well done to the contractors so far.

New Study on the Benefits of Cycling

The Department for Transport have published a new study examining the various different benefits that cycling can provide.

The review found that existing methods of appraisal do not incorporate the full extent of economic benefits associated with cycling. The review found these potential benefits:

  • economic growth can result from high density, cycle friendly urban design
  • reduced infrastructure maintenance costs
  • cycle parking allows 5 times more retail spend than the same space for car parking
  • cycle friendly neighbourhoods can have greater retail spend

The study can be found here

Support the Space for Cycling petition

Please show your support for the Space for Cycling campaign by signing the petition. This will be presented to the City Council.


Derby City Council needs to be more vigorous and rigorous about developing a better cycling network which encourages more people to cycle more often. Derby city councillors are pivotal in enabling that vigour and rigour.

Derby Cycling Group have had enough of city council departments and new projects failing to deliver even the most basic facilities for cyclists. Our Space for Cycling campaign wants to get Derby City Councillors to recognise:

  • The benefits that cycling can bring to Derby and its citizens
  • That much more must be done to make cycling a really attractive means of transport for everyone in the city
  • To create policies that will deliver a cycle network worthy of the name
  • To get the city council to deliver real changes to enable more people to cycle more often and more safely

Derby Cycling Group want better facilities for cyclists – MORE SPACE FOR CYCLING.

How can that be done?

  • Get political support for a better cycle transport environment
  • Create a cycle transport strategy for Derby
  • Build the network
  • Promote cycle transport

We want the Council to use the six Space for Cycling themes to determine what will be done to make cycle transport more attractive in Derby:

  1. Protected space on main roads
  2. Removing through motor traffic in residential areas
  3. Lower traffic speeds
  4. Cycle-friendly town centres
  5. Safe routes to school
  6. Routes through green spaces

Derby Cycling Group is asking all city councillors to sign our Space for Cycling Pledge: “I support the aims of the Space for Cycling Campaign in Derby and will promote them in my ward and throughout the City Council”

We are asking you to support these aims by signing the petition: “We the undersigned urge all Derby City Councillors to sign Derby Cycling Group’s Space for Cycling Pledge, to enable the creation of a better cycle transport environment in Derby.

Derby Space for Cycling Campaign

We urge all Derby City Councillors to sign Derby Cycling Group’s Space for Cycling Pledge, to enable the creation of a better cycle transport environment in Derby.


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Road Safety Improvements at Littleover

PH2 PH1For many years, Pastures Hill at Littleover has been a dangerous place for cyclists, having a series of bollards along the centre of the road coupled with a 40 mph speed limit.  The bollards were pinch points where cyclists were put in danger by impatient car drivers overtaking them at the bollards.

To their credit Derby City Council have made a major contribution to Road Safety by removing the bollards, which has given greater road width. The increased road width has allowed the introduction of a 1 m wide cycle lane on the West side of the road and the speed limit is reduced from 40 mph to 30 mph.

We should see more cyclists using this road from now on.

Campaigning for cycle provision in Derby since 1979