Space for Cycling Ride – Thank you

20161001-dcg-space-for-cycling-ride-6 20161001-dcg-space-for-cycling-ride-8I would like to say a huge thank you to the 60 or so people who came out in Derby today to show their support for Derby Cycling Group’s campaign to make the city a better place by creating more space for cycling. Some of those people you can see here.

Thank you too to the hundreds of facebook shares and thousands of tweets which have spread the word of our quest far and wide.

Thank you to the ride organisers: Daryl, Andrea and Dave who I know about with Ian D managing the backroom work, and all our support riders on the day.

Finally, thank you too to the 20161001-dcg-space-for-cycling-ride-4people of Derby who were out in town today and waved to us as we passed by; I think the disruption was minimal but our apologies for anybody who was inconveienced by our procession through the town.

As Paul Hilditch has commented on the Facebook Event: it was great to see such a diverse range of people on the ride: young and old, women and men, people in everyday clothes and one or two MAMILS for good measure; we all cycle; we share the same issues and we share our love of cycling.

Please stay with us and encourage more to join in our campaign as we take Derby’s Space for Cycling to the next level.

Tony Roelich,  Campaigns Coordinator


Space for Cycling – Presentation to Councillors

presentation-banner-imageThe leaders of all four parties represented on Derby City Council have all received the presentation below from members of Derby Cycling Group.


Council Leaders Presentation

Please read what we have said, and what we have asked councillors to pledge support for. Alan Graves from UKIP and Ruth Skelton from the Liberal Democrats have signed our pledge; thank you very much to both of them.

We would like Matthew Holmes from the Conservatives and Ranjit Banwait from Labour to do the same. We would like a cross party consensus to take cycle transport in Derby to a new level.


City Centre Bike Ride – Sat 1st Oct 11am – Campaign for more Space for Cycling


There will be a family friendly cyclists rally and short cycle ride in Derby City Centre on

Saturday 1st October at 11:00

Starting in front of the Council House on Corporation Street.

It is part of Derby Cycling Group’s campaign “Space for Cycling”,  urging city councillors from all parties to pledge to do more for cycle transport in the city.

Please encourage all your colleagues, friends and their families to come down and support the campaign

Club kit – fantastic.  Everyday clothes – even better!

Infinity Park Link road – very good cycling facilities

The recently opened Infinity Park link road includes some very good provisions for cycling and the contractors / Derby City Council should be congratulated on their work. Each side of the road has a wide cycling / pedestrian path and the crossings over the road for

Infinity Way - excellent wide cycle routes on both sides of the road.
Infinity Way – excellent wide cycle routes on both sides of the road.

existing cycle routes (e.g. Sinfin Moor Lane and Route 6 – Derby Canal path) are well constructed and controlled by traffic lights.

No doubt there are small improvements that could be made but if all the roads in Derby had this level of cycling provision (and were properly linked) we’d be in a much better situation.

We’re not slow to criticise when inadequate facilities are put in place so it’s only fair to give praise when praise is due.

Well done to the contractors and the City Council.

View of the Cloud Quarry from the Cloud Trail now visible again


Before the work - no view
Before the work – no view

Cyclists who have visited the Cloud Trail (near Breedon on the Hill) over the last few years are always impressed at the view of the quarry and how small the workers and their massive earth moving machines seem. However, recently the growth of the foliage behind the protective fence (i.e. on the edge of the quarry) has got out of hand and the view had totally disappeared.

View restored
View restored

After we got in touch with the Breedon Quarry Group, their Operations Manager (Carl Ashurst) has been instrumental in getting the foliage cut back (a major job when at the edge of the massive cliff) and the excellent view has been reinstated.

It is now, once again, worth the trip to the Cloud Trail (incidentally, a completely traffic route of about 15 miles from Derby).

Our thanks for the Breedon Quarry Group and, in particular, Carl for their very helpful and “can-do” attitude.

Liberal Democrat’s Leader Ruth Skelton signs Space for Cycling Pledge

logo-small-space-for-cyclingDerby City Council Liberal Democrat leader, Councillor Ruth Skelton, has signed the Derby Cycling Group Space for Cycling pledge. She has also been joined by her councillor colleagues, Mike Carr and Lucy Care. They signed our pledge at the last of our Council Leaders meetings. We are of course delighted that Ruth and her colleagues have signed our pledge, and look forward to working with them in the future to develop a good cycle strategy for the city leading towards the creation of a fuly integrated cycle network enabling anyone to cycle anywhere in the city at any time. For more information about our Space for Cycling campaign, link to our Space for Cycling Bulletin Board

Proposed Darley Park multi-user path – Please give your views

image005The Derby City Parks department are presenting proposals for the construction of a multi-user path through Darley Park on the west side of the River Derwent (joining the Abbey pub with the rowing clubs).

The Parks department are holding a consultation session on both Friday 12th and Saturday 13th (10am to 2pm) by the Darley Park cafe and it would be very useful for interested individuals to provide their input and to complete the consultation forms. The poster about the consultation can be found here

3 options for the route are under consideration and can be seen on the map here

Visitors will be asked to provide their views by completing the form here and by discussion. If people are unable to attend the organised times they can provide input by emailing

The planned path will provide many benefits to walkers, disabled users, and cyclists and we hope as many people as possible are able to provide positive feedback on the plans. The route will form a useful addition to the existing cycle route on the east side of the river and will also link well with the plans for the Derwent Valley Cycleway.

Please attend the consultation or, if not possible, then please provide your input by email.

Campaigning for cycle provision in Derby since 1979